Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Season 3 Top Moments - Moment #1: Jordan Reveals Her True Intentions

We all were beginning to like Jordan, weren't we? We felt sorry for her trouble and I have to admit that her scenes with Nathan were very good (although I never liked them). But boy, talk about betrayal. Yes, because even when her plan to save Haven was actually pretty good, the only mean to achieve this was to sacrifice Nathan's favorite person: Audrey. What a way to get a good use out of another person's trouble, making Jordan confess everything the Guard was up to. The looks of indifference Nathan gives Jordan are priceless. I guess she knew it all along, she could never compete with Audrey. Nathan confirmed that. And the whole situation made Nathan and Audrey's relationship get back on track.



  1. Did you see the interview Emily, Eric, and Adam did from back in Dec? Link here:

  2. This was a KEY moment of the season. Def turning point.