Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thought on Lay Me Down

I have to say that this has got to be the best episode of the season. Or the series, I’m not sure.

For the first time, the way the Troubles affect people were altered and that gives the show a whole new perspective. What other things could the two tough guys, who I think they’re called “The Seekers” can do? If they can alter the Troubles, can they stop them too?

Jennifer is back and the poor thing has now become part of the conspiracy of the Teagues brothers. They made her investigate herself; we find out she is adopted and that our beloved Agent Howard handled her adoption. Was she born in the barn and this is why she has a connection to it? Who are her parents?
I love the town’s new forensic… and I love that they brought back Vicky from episode 7 “Sketchy” from Season 1.

Duke has had the toughest days lately. Not only he is sure he cannot have Audrey, but Vince is putting some pressure by demanding him to have his brother out of Haven as soon as possible. To make things much worse, Wade finds out about the Crocker family legacy and he becomes drunk with power. I am glad that Duke put his friends before family by investigating his brother’s whereabouts and stopping him for killing someone who’s become important to him: Jennifer. I wonder what will happen now that Duke is no longer Troubled. And how that will affect his relationship with Nathan and Audrey.

Nathan and Audrey. Finally! I was started to fall back into disappointment when Nathan left the apartment, but was very happy to see him pull himself together, face Audrey and make her see the truth: that he loves her, that she loves him and there can’t be anything that stops them. That I guess it’s them against the world.

I am also happy that they kissed and we didn’t have to wait 9 seasons like in The X-Files. Not that I would’ve minded waiting 9 years, because that would’ve meant more Haven episodes, but thank you writers!

What do you guys think?


  1. Nicely put. This was a pretty strong episode. This ep definitely left me thrown and blown. lol.

  2. Does nathan die. Gosh. Suspence is killing me

  3. Thanks Aimee! :D
    Soms, I don't think Nathan is dead. Can't be dead. They're probably on to something.

  4. He's not dead because sneak peek for episode William 409, Nathan is there saving Dwight and William, so clearly he's not dead unless it's an alternate reality and she did shoot him. I hope not.