Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thought on See No Evil

Thank God Haven is back. With my favorite summer cable shows gone or almost gone (Drop Dead Diva, White Collar), this show is entertainment. At least for two more (falls) years.

First of all, and before we go into the bad side of the troubles, it was a good move from the writers to see a troubled person do something nice with his trouble. Vicky, who’s the new intern in the morgue, calms down the baby in sort of a fantastic way, I can only think if it was that easy… to stop a baby from crying. Without a trouble.

Now the bad stuff. What’s up with Mara? I know she is pretty upset because William is trapped (and obviously not coming back?) so she starts shooting and killing people. But the question here is, why did she and William created the Troubles in the first place? What is it some kind of pact they did or an act of revenge because they were separated in another life? Why can Mara come back/travel in time and be somebody else? Agent Howard told Audrey the barn is like her punishment, but if Mara created the Troubles, then I assume her punishment is to contain them by sacrificing herself? She has to recharge herself with love because she was evil in the beginning? Maybe the Haven Origins will answer my questions soon. Which by the way, I think it’s a fantastic idea, to do something on the side, online and short. Nice move Syfy.

I complained about Nathan last season, because he looked like the weak boy in love who only wanted Audrey back. This time, he still wants Audrey back, but he looks stronger, determined and I was very happy to see him take control of the situation.

I wonder who is keeping those “doors” blocked. Could it be Dave?

I still have in mind the “Love Conquers All” phrase found in that box Duke found. Could it be possible that love could keep Mara away, considering what happened in the last scene between her and Nathan?
Speaking of love, I was heartbroken to see Duke desperately looking for Jennifer. We know she is not coming back, so I assume she is dead. But I don’t want to see when he finds out.

This was actually the first time my jaw dropped when I saw the end. I was so into it that I didn’t feel the 39-40 minutes.

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