Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Interview: Adam Copeland Previews His Troubling Role as Dwight “The Cleaner”

When a town has as many secrets as Haven does, there is a particular need for a resourceful man to clean up and help keep the secrets buried.  In HAVEN, that man is Dwight Hendrickson, portrayed by former WWE wrestler Adam Copeland (also known as “Edge”).  Bringing his strong presence to a multi-layered character, Adam conveys both a powerful physicality and emotional resonance to Dwight.  Right away fans took notice of the character that suddenly felt like he had been living amongst the HAVEN world from the beginning.  In a recent exclusive interview, Adam shared what he loves about playing Dwight and his unique “trouble.”  He also hinted at a possible past romance in Dwight’s life that will stir things up again for Dwight this season. 

Your character Dwight has been a fan favorite right from the start.  It’s really great to see a character break out like that.
It is an interesting character.  There’s a lot of different ways to go with Dwight.  How do I put it?  There’s a bit of air of mystery, and he’s a good guy, but you don’t necessarily know for sure if he’s a good guy.  I think that’s what they wanted, so I tried to play it understated, I guess.  

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