Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Emily Rose: We Rocked Some #Haven Commentary Today

EWe rocked some #haven commentary today.... Cause that's what we do. @thelucasbryant

Shawn Piller: Finishing Season Finale!

#haven5 post adr hang #lucasbryant @thelucasbryant #haven5b finishing season finale! So good! : )

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Haven Scoop: TV Line

When Haven returns, how is Duke going to handle knowing he’s unleashed all those troubles? –Aimee
As we await word on when Season 5 of the Syfy drama will resume, I hope I can tide you over with this: Presented with your question, executive producer Matt McGuinness answers, “Duke will struggle with the guilt of causing some serious pain to the town, and deal with it in a very Duke way: By being selfish, noble, clever, and brave — in that order.”

Source: TV Line