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Interview: Eric Balfour Describes Forced Changes as 'Lucky'

'Haven' Season 4 Interview: Eric Balfour Describes Forced Changes as 'Lucky'

Season three came like a 13-episode freight train. It was one of Haven's best seasons to date and it is really exciting to see where they are going to take it from there. The writers have this incredible ability to answer just enough questions to satiate our curiosities about certain things, but those "answers" lead to new questions about other things. I don't feel like the show goes around in circles like some shows that like to have mystery about them do. I do feel that Haven is constantly progressing in a forward motion.

Spoiler Alert!

We left off season three with Audrey (and Duke) jumping into the barn as it disappears and Nathan lying bleeding from a gunshot wound on the grass. What the heck, right? Season 4 picked up six months after the events of the finale of three. For those of who you have the season three DVD's you should have found the 16-page mini graphic novel, After The Storm, inside your DVD case which will act as a bridge between the finale of three and the premiere of four. If you have not already bought you DVD or Blu-ray then you should jump on that. The graphic novel was limited to 100,000 prints, so be sure to get yours now or risk not getting one at all.

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TV Equals: 4.03 Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 3 Bad Blood (1)

Our favorite Havenite may be on her way back home! On this week’s Haven, Audrey/Lexie started to realize that things aren’t as they appear to be. At home, Nathan continued his self-loathing for failing to stop the troubles. The town-folk continued with their seething anger at Mr. Wuornos, but none more so than Jordan. This week’s episode didn’t bring us much in terms of resolution for the bigger conflicts, but did move the ball forward a couple feet.

The weekly troubled person was a man whose blood infiltrated the sewers and went on a killing spree. Its goal was to reach Nathan, but naturally the team intervened to keep that from happening. In the final confrontation with the blood pool, a couple interesting things happened. First, Jordan was willing to put her life in danger by placing her bare hands in the blood. Second, the trouble man realized that he actually didn’t hate Nathan enough to want him dead.

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Season 4 Wraps Up

Promo: 4.04 Lost and Found

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Happy Haven Night!

Happy Haven Night, USA!

We have an all new episode of Haven tonight, episode 3 "Bad Blood" airs on Syfy at 10/9pm.

The episode looks pretty creepy! So, watch live, DVR it or download it later and don't miss the live discussion on Twitter. Use the hashtags #DiscoverHaven or #Haven in every tweet, ONE hashtag per tweet, retweets count.

Let make this baby trend again!

Enjoy :)

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How to Help the Show Get a New Season

please don't think for a second that the show is in trouble, all right? But, it's important to do something every week so the Syfy executives consider that Haven deserves a fifth season. And as fans, we can make it happen.

I found this on the Discover Haven blog and I wanted to share it with you. So, here it's what you can do to help the show:

  1. Watch LIVE and help every Friday on Twitter to trend the show not only local but worldwide. Social media activity count (I add that even if you live anywhere in the world and can or are awake at the time of the live broadcast in the US, join us on Twitter and participate).
  2. The official twitter hashtag is #DiscoverHaven so use that every time you tweet about the show. Use #Haven as well if you want. (I add and this is VERY important: if we want to make it trend use only ONE hashtag per tweet, retweets count).
  3. DVR the episodes. The numbers of the DVR records count. Not in the highest but many shows were helped to increase their numbers total.
  4. Download the episodes on iTunes . 
  5. Watch the show on Netflix and Hulu. They both matter and count don’t let  people tell you otherwise. 
  6. Mention the show in each chance you get, make more people watch it. 
  7. Remind people the show is back. Many countries will get the show later but indeed they can help even if they don’t watch it live by helping us on twitter to trend it.(I'll let you know when the international air dates are announced).
  8. Buy the DVD.
  9. Remind people each Friday that the show is back on.
  10. You can even email Syfy or mention on twitter @Syfy and let them know you love the show and you want S5. Every mention, every email counts! If we are many they won't ignore us.
Online activity can help. We all know how the Nielsen system works (the ratings that decide a future of the show - number of viewers don't count as much as the age of the people that watch it). Unless you have a box you can’t really help with the actual numbers. But many shows with bad numbers but high activity online were able to save their shows. CHUCK, FRINGE, HANNIBAL etc with these small steps. 

Nielsen this year inserts the twitter/social media activity . Which means the online activity a show has during the airing of the episode and total can help.

What are you waiting for? And thanks for helping.

Promotional Photos - 4.03 Bad Blood

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Happy Haven Night, UK!

Hello UK Haven fans!!! The wait is over.

Season 4 premieres tonight with the episode "Fallout" on Syfy UK at 9pm.

Don't miss it!

Shawn Piller: The Safest Town in Maine

Image: Shawn Piller

Monday, September 23, 2013

Thought on Survivors

First of all, I enjoyed all those aerial shots from what I believe is Lunenberg, it's such a beautiful town. If I lived there, I'd go kayaking every time I could.

Poor Nathan, the Guard has been very busy building his reputation and it's pretty bad. And I believe it will only get worse when he finds Audrey, and I really don’t know how the reunion will go but at least he will live. I am not so sure I want to see him help every troubled person in town. Somehow it feels forced. I'd rather see Nathan desperate and miserable trying to find Audrey and have others, like Duke, help the troubled. That responsibility show not fall on one person.

Jordan is selfish and whinny now more than ever. I like her interactions with Dwight, if she weren't that bitchy I'd say they'd make a great couple. But does she have to show up in every crime scene, like making sure Nathan is safe and/or doing his job and demanding results with that attitude? I am glad Duke was (is always) armed and willing to protect Nathan. Jordan is a strong character, an independent woman, so it was kind of odd to have her remember why Nathan got involved with her in the first place. She should be over it by now, but I guess she is a woman who got hurt after all.

I also enjoyed the continuity of Nathan's sledding accident, which we found out about in episode 2 of Season 1. It was nice to hear that Duke helped Nathan that time, without even knowing that in 27 years, they would be fighting the troubles.

Oh, that's why “Vern and Dan” wanted to buy the Grey Gull. These two know their business! Now, Vince has gone from this innocent old man we saw in the first season to this man who knows a lot more than people think of. For me, he's like one of the men from the Syndicate of the X-files. What I don't understand that if he is not troubled, why does he insist on having Nathan find Audrey so the troubles end? Dave on the other hand thinks it's hard on Audrey to go into that barn over and over again. If they are so interested in the troubles, they should've figured out a way to end the cycle, don't you think? Probably, in the end, solving the troubles will come down to Nathan, Audrey and Duke. Also, was Vince in love with Sarah? Or was it Dave? I still remember Dave's biggest fear is Sarah (Season 2 Episode 2).

Funny how Dave is willing to share everything with Jennifer and he couldn't share a thing with Audrey? Maybe it is because now the whole town knows that the meteor storm was because of the barn, and Audrey being the end of the troubles, that are still around.

Oh well, Lexie/Audrey saying "how the hell did I do that?" put a smile to my face. Finally!!! "You still think you're a bartender?" Nice! Looks like the pieces are falling into place. It was starting to be annoying having William tell Lexie, two episodes in a row, wasting precious time in a 13-episode season, that she is not who she thinks she is. I have to disagree with those reviews that say this was taking so long, but I wouldn’t have bought the idea of Lexie believing in William’s first words about who she really is. That would’ve been too easy.

The only thing I will say about Wade is that I don't trust him. Drunk, he now talks about his jealousy of Duke, as their father preferred to have him around more. Maybe preparing him for his fate? On the other hand, I love Duke. He seems so focused now and definitely delivers the best lines. And Duke takes me to:

Jennifer. She is completely delightful, isn’t she? I am really enjoying her scenes with Duke. I wonder how many actresses had to read with Eric Balfour (if they did) to appreciate their chemistry on screen and nail it with casting her. I really don’t know if they will become an item, but I believe Jennifer has a mission in Haven and either she leaves for Boston or dies for a sacrifice. She is now off her meds… does this mean she will start hearing what happened in the barn again?

So, in next week's promo Lexie/Audrey asks if she is dead. I want to believe that the dead girl found is Lexie, not Audrey, because I don't think we will have yet another name stuck in our heads for the rest of the season. You know, like the real Audrey Parker looked completely different.

Would James ever come out of the barn?

Ratings: Survivors

Haven was steady versus last week!

18-49 Adults: 0.4
Viewers: 1.360 million

Thanks to all who watched! And please keep watching. Live.

Source: TV by the Numbers

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TV Equals: 4.02 Survivors Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 2 Survivors (1)

Last night’s Haven wracked up a significant body count due to a guilt-ridden volunteer fireman who couldn’t control his trouble. While Dwight and Nathan tried to identify the man and stop him from killing more people, Duke was left to deal with family issues. His brother, Wade, looks to be settling in while he deals with his impending divorce. It would be a great opportunity for the brothers to reconnect, except that The Guard has other feelings about having a second Crocker in town. 

I don’t trust Wade. The fact that he isn’t really close to Duke means that there may be more to him than Duke knows. We learned this week that Wade resents the attention that Duke received from their father. His refusal to leave town feels more like he has something up his sleeve, rather than the result of marital discord. It would be a bummer for Duke if his brother turned on him, but in the world of Haven, Nathan is really more his brother figure. 

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Promo: 4.03 Bad Blood

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Meet Kyle Mitchell, the Sinister Man of HAVEN Season 4

Briefly introduced in last week’s premiere episode, viewers got their first glimpse of “Sinister Man” portrayed by newcomer Kyle Mitchell. Sinister Man along with his partner Heavy (Robert Maillet) have a vital role to play in Season 4 of HAVEN. They are not your average thugs of the week, so it was a privilege to talk with Kyle about his new role to try to get a few clues about what Sinister Man is up to.

Like most of the cast, Kyle was reluctant to reveal any real spoilers, but he was happy to talk about getting the role and making the transition from crew to guest actor this season. He was also delighted to get a chance to play a character with a darker edge and that he was to be paired with WWE wrestler Robert Maillet as partners-in-crime, so to speak, on screen.

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Happy Haven Night!

Happy Haven Night, USA!

Don’t miss and all new Haven, episode 2 “Survivors” airs tonight on Syfy at 10/9C.

If you have Twitter, join us on the live discussion of this episode (starting at 10 pm ET) using the hashtags #DiscoverHaven or #Haven in every tweet. If you don't have one, get one because you're missing all the fun!

#DiscoverHaven trended last Friday and we have to make it trend again tonight. This shows Syfy how much we care about the show (Syfy’s Twitter account is @Syfy, you can mention them in some of our tweets). One hashtag per tweet please to trend, retweets count.


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Haven on Netflix

The first three seasons of SyFy original series, Haven, are available now for the first time via Netflix on-demand streaming.

You can now catch up with the whole Haven craziness ;)

Survivors Sneak Peek

Shawn Piller: Shooting the Last Episode of Season 4

Source: Shawn Piller

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Den of Geek 4.01 Fallout Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers.

Welcome back to Haven - where the news is made up and the law of physics don’t matter. We do and don’t come back exactly where we left off - with Duke in the barn, right up until he gets spit out like a cherry pit into the Boston aquarium six months later. Whoops - from magical farm structures to near drownings that land him in the hospital. Oh Duke, I love your face, and your mouthiness, and everything except your hair. It’s almost as bad as Sam Winchester’s. Cut it for all our sakes.

I also adore the pixieish woman Jennifer Mason who appears at his bedside. She has a Trouble that gave her the ability to listen in on the crazy conversation that happened with the trio so of course she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. What else do you do with someone who hears voices? Sigh. That said, she’s portrayed wonderfully - plucky and bold enough to flash her boobs at an orderly to bust Duke out of the hospital to get him away from the cops, a la Ten Things I Hate About You, “One of my favorite movies,” showrunner Gabrielle Stanton confessed to me in a recent interview. She and co-showrunner Matt McGuinness love Jennifer even more than I do. Jennifer is an excellent depiction of a person living with mental illness (even if it is in fact a Trouble) showing the functioning side of the condition because medication works on her condition and the symptoms manifest the same way.

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Episode 4.13 Title, Writers and Director Revealed

Source: Shawn Piller

Ratings: Fallout

Haven Season 4 Premiere was strong with a 0.4 in the 18-49 adult ratings with 1.548 million viewers.

Though it was down in viewers (almost half a million) versus last season premiere, the ratings are pretty good and I am sure they will pick up and be steady for the rest of the season.

Keep watching!

Source: TV by the Numbers

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Thought on Fallout

WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

HAVEN is back! And I couldn't be happier.

First let me start by saying that the special effects on Haven are pretty amazing and compared to other Syfy shows, they are the best.

Duke finally is back, disoriented after spending a few “minutes” in the barn. He's saved from being put in jail (where he probably belongs for other crimes) by a new character, Jennifer Mason, whose trouble is to hear voices, or maybe it's not very clear yet. I liked her character, I loved her haircut, I liked how easy she was introduced and how easy she got together with the gang, I just hope her fate is not the ultimate sacrifice. So Oprah Winfrey... really Duke?

Nathan and Duke's reunion. At first, I thought Nathan was going to punch Duke, you know, for leaving, for all those years of hatred. But when they hugged, I had this huge smile on my face and it's become my favorite scene of the episode. I saw hope in Nathan's eyes, hope on finding Audrey. It was kind of satisfying to see Nathan feel all miserable. I didn't expect less. Interesting how Nathan has no consequences from his "injuries" when making money while being away. He probably self-regenerates his cells or something ;)

I'm surprise how good Adam Copeland is with every episode. He makes Dwight very believable. I expect to see him at least in every episode this season.

I really need some explanation as to why Vince is so reluctant to show his true intentions. Does he want Audrey alive and in the barn? Does he actually want the troubles to go away? I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another flashback to the 50's.

Let's talk about Emily now. How good does she look after having a baby? I know, it's her genes, but still she looks amazing. If I'm not mistaken, it had just been a month after giving birth that they shot this episode. It must be amazing for her to get to play different characters in one show. Lexie is cool. It's sort of the opposite of Audrey. She smiles more, goes for the guy, wears rings and dies her hair. I'm not really sure what exactly will happen with her character. I guess she will go back to being Audrey after what William told her, or is it that she will be a new tool to end the troubles because she will fall in love with somebody else and therefore Nathan will live? I don't know. Time will tell. Well, sort of.

I have to admit that my heart melted when I heard Nathan say that he hadn't been more sure of anything in his entire life when asked if he was sure he was Audrey's true love. That and every time he mentioned her or something related to her. Awww.

I don't know why we didn't have a new Trouble. Maybe so we didn't all get distracted with whatever was going on? I don't know. But I do know that I was totally freaked out when Marion called Nathan's name. It was nice that after 6 months and all the beating Nathan got, he still remembers Marion and Conrad's names. Or maybe since it is related to Audrey's first day in Haven, he remembers it all.

I guess that from all the troubles in Haven, I like Marion's the best. Why? Because it actually resembles real life. When you're hurt, sick, heartbroken, your life is a chaos, a continuous storm that not only hurts you, but the people around you. When you finally accept your problem, whether it's an illness, a breakup, failure, your soul and mind come to rest, you move on and you see the light.

And in the end, it seems that Marion destroyed Dave and Vince's new truck (looked like a new truck to me). Remember when Nathan asked them to get a new one?

I'm looking forward to see how it is that William knows Audrey. Does he know about the barn? Was he sent by Agent Howard? Or even better, is he the new Agent Howard?

I still have some questions from previous seasons:
Sarah loved James and Audrey loves Nathan but... who did Lucy love? Or did I miss something?
Did Lucy love the Chief?
How the heck did the real Audrey Parker find out about Audrey Parker?

Last, from all the lines of this episode, I stay with:
Dwight: Duke.
Duke: Sasquatch.

What did you all think about the Season premiere?

TV Equals 4.01 Fallout Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 1 Fallout (8)

It’s been a long year without the troubled residents of Haven. Finally, Nathan, Duke and Audrey have returned. Last season ended with an incredible cliffhanger – Audrey was in the barn and Duke leaped in after her before it vanished. Nathan was left behind, heartbroken and alone. Season 4 picks up six months later and there have been some big changes.

Duke returns to the normal world in a spectacular fashion; he appears in an aquarium, much to the surprise of the visiting crowd. He is immediately apprehended and sent for a psychiatric evaluation. This was a clever way to bring Duke back. Duke has a strong connection with the water – he lives on his boat, and he earns his living through his dockside bar and questionable smuggling ventures. It makes sense that after Duke is expelled from the barn, he appears in the place that is the most natural for him.

Keep reading at TV Equals

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What Happened in Season 4 Page Added

I've added the page for Season 4, but if you don't want to get spoiled, please don't read it!


Promo: 4.02 Survivors

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Emily Rose Answers Fans' Questions Too!

Eric Balfour Answers Fans' Questions!

Happy Haven Night!

Do you know how much I wanted to write this post? :D

Do not miss the Season 4 Premiere tonight at 10/9c on Syfy.

I am sorry I didn't post or write more during the hiatus, blame it on an autoimmune disease that is slowly being controlled, just in time to have the good times with Haven.

Don't forget to join Twitter and post your comments with the hashtag #Haven, one hashtag per comment, retweets also count.

Enjoy! And please come back and let me know what you think.

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Emily Rose: So Much Fun Playing Lexie This Season

So much fun playing Lexie this season. Can't wait for you all to meet her, and her nose ring :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Colin Ferguson Teases His New Role

"Haven" is getting ready to shake things up on SyFy, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on the latest mysterious arrival to the series. On Monday, Sept. 9, From Inside The Box shared a new interview with Colin Ferguson about the series. The photos for the season four premiere, "Haven" episode 4.01 titled "Fallout," are from Spoiler TV. Check out the photos by visiting the slide show.

Colin Ferguson will arrive in the season four premiere, and he will be a very mysterious character. Previews for the season have shown him talking to Audrey. Ferguson wasn't able to say much about his character, but he did tease the following:

WARNING: The next article contains spoilers

Keep reading at Examiner

A Little Bit of the Season 4 Premiere

The Syfy series “Haven,” starring Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland, begins its fourth season at 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13.
A summary of the season premiere, provided by Syfy, is as follows:
Season 4 picks up six months after the devastating events of the Season 3 cliffhanger, in which the sleepy Maine town was pummeled by a violent meteor storm and Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) vanished into thin air, leaving an injured Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) marooned in Haven.

WARNING: The article contains spoilers

Keep reading at News OK

Happy 20th Anniversary, X-Files!

I wanted to post this and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TV show that set up the pattern to many of the TV shows that are on our screens nowadays, including our favorite Haven.

Thank you Chris Carter for creating such a wonderful show. I am proud to be part of it.

So here's an article about the show that basically made TV history:

Twenty years ago tonight, FOX debuted a strange little show called "The X-Files." Its stars were virtually unknown — Gillian Anderson was only 24 when the pilot was filmed, and if you recognized David Duchovny at all, it was either as the cross-dressing FBI agent from "Twin Peaks" season 2 or as the man who read letters at the start of every episode of "Red Shoe Diaries" — and the format was an odd mash-up of science-fiction and police procedural, as FBI partners Mulder (the believer) and Scully (the skeptic) traveled the country investigating reports of paranormal activity.
FOX put it on Fridays, which in 1993 wasn't the network wasteland it is today, but was still not the place you schedule anything with high hopes for. But within a few years, "X-Files" became one of FOX's biggest hits (it would eventually move to Sundays), popular enough to launch a feature film spin-off midway through its run (and another a few years after the TV show ended) and run longer (nine seasons) than any American primetime sci-fi series before it. 

Keep reading at HitFix

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Lucas Bryant Dishes on Romance and Bromance on Haven

"Haven" episode "Double Jeopardy": Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos.

"Haven" star Lucas Bryant teased some Season 4 spoilers Thursday on a media conference call from location in Nova Scotia where they are currently filming episode 11 of 13. Bryant, who plays Nathan Wuornos on the Syfy series, promised a very changed man in himself, a very changed woman in Audrey (Emily Rose), and an episode where the whole town goes a little wacky and out of character, especially Duke (Eric Balfour.)

Like he's not a little eccentric to begin with. Or the whole town for that matter.
With the end of last season leaving Nathan separated from Audrey, he's down and out this season, and questions himself much more than in the past, according to Bryant. Not that the actor minds the evolution and a new challenge in the role.

Keep reading at Examiner

Eric Balfour: Haven Summer Camp!

Eric Balfour
It's a real vista... My boys @dannymasterson and Kris Lemche came up to Nova Scotia to play with me! #Haven summer camp!

Friday, September 06, 2013

7 Days!

Until the premiere of Season 4.

Are you still alive? :D

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Titles for Episodes 4.05, 4.06 and 4.07

And the titles are:

4.05 Countdown
4.06 The New Girl

4.07 Lay Me Down

Source: Haven Episode Database

Get to Know HAVEN’s Mysterious New Man About Town Colin Ferguson

For a show entering its 4th season, the addition of new cast members immediately makes one think: will they be a villain or a love-interest?  Yet in talking with HAVEN’s special guest-star Colin Ferguson, there may be yet another role that his character occupies in Season 4: the mystery.  Ask anyone associated with the show who Colin’s character is and you’ll hear a lot of different descriptions.  Even after having watched the filming of one episode, I could not put my finger on who his character is.  So in everyone’s mind, Colin’s character William is the big mystery of Season 4.

Keep reading at the TV Addict

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Emily Rose: Fellow Jericho Peep Guest Stars

Fantastic having Kenneth Mitchell guest on super talented & awesome having fellow peep for an ep.