Sunday, September 15, 2013

TV Equals 4.01 Fallout Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 1 Fallout (8)

It’s been a long year without the troubled residents of Haven. Finally, Nathan, Duke and Audrey have returned. Last season ended with an incredible cliffhanger – Audrey was in the barn and Duke leaped in after her before it vanished. Nathan was left behind, heartbroken and alone. Season 4 picks up six months later and there have been some big changes.

Duke returns to the normal world in a spectacular fashion; he appears in an aquarium, much to the surprise of the visiting crowd. He is immediately apprehended and sent for a psychiatric evaluation. This was a clever way to bring Duke back. Duke has a strong connection with the water – he lives on his boat, and he earns his living through his dockside bar and questionable smuggling ventures. It makes sense that after Duke is expelled from the barn, he appears in the place that is the most natural for him.

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