What Happened in Season 3

Episode 3.01 - 301
Original Air Date: September 21, 2012.
Case: Nathan, Duke and Dwight work together to rescue Audrey; Audrey learns more about her life as Lucy.

Trouble of the Week:  Wesley Toomey’s conspiracy theories become true whenever he thinks about them.
What we learned:

  • After Duke tells Nathan that it’s obvious that he’s in love with Audrey, Nathan confesses to him that she’s the only one he can feel.
  • Vince may be ill.
  • Audrey’s kidnapper reveals that Lucy may have been in love with the Colorado kid.
  • Duke is not happy by the way Nathan solved this trouble and saved the town.
  • Audrey confronts the Teagues and demands them to tell her if Lucy was in love with the Colorado kid and if he is still alive.
  • Vince confirms that the Colorado kid is dead because he helped buried him.
  • When Dwight spots the tattoo on Nathan’s arms and questions him about it, Nathan says that he’s trying to protect Audrey from Duke.
  • When exhuming the Colorado’s kid body, it is revealed that it’s gone and Nathan and Audrey find a message written inside the coffin that read “finds him before The Hunter”.  Audrey recognizes it as her own (or Lucy’s) handwriting.
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Episode 3.02 - Stay
Original Air Date: September 28, 2012.
Case: Nathan and Audrey deal with humans acting like dogs; Dwight, Duke and the Teagues work together to find out who the Hunter is.

Trouble of the Week: 
What we learned:

  •  Nathan keeps thinking Duke had something to do with Audrey's abduction and gets into an argument with him.
  • We meet Claire Callahan, the town's psychiatrist. She's there to help Audrey get over her abduction; Audrey does not want help.
  • The Teagues tell Audrey that all they know is that she disappears every 27 years, without a trace.
  • While at the Haven Herald, Duke finds out that the Hunter is not a person but a meteor storm.
  • Claire encourages Audrey to pursue her relationship with Nathan, but Audrey is unsure.
  • Duke tells Audrey about the Hunter being a meteor storm, that comes through Haven every 27; the next one is in 49 days.
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Episode 3.03 – The Farmer
Original Air Date: October 05, 2012.
Case: Victims have their organs removed intact from their bodies; tension grows between Nathan and Audrey.
Trouble of the Week: Harry Nix’s disease makes him look for new organs on the children he fathered as a sperm donor.
What we learned:
  • Audrey finally tells Nathan about The Hunter and she disappearing.
  • Nathan and Audrey meet Thomas Bowen, a Boston detective who has come to Haven looking for the man who killed his partner.
  • Audrey asks Duke to join her in the investigation. Nathan is very upset.
  • Claire notices the tension between Nathan and Audrey.
  • Tommy warns Nathan not to get in his investigation with his ideas about the Troubles.
  • Duke and Nathan realize why Audrey wants Duke on the case: so he can kill the troubled man and end his terrible curse. Duke is extremely upset.
  • There’s a new victim of the Bolt Gun Killer; her nose is missing.
  • Nathan confronts Audrey about her attitude towards him. They argue and she tells him she doesn’t need his protection.
  • Audrey confesses Claire that she pushed Nathan away on purpose, since all the men she’s ever loved have died.
  • Duke kills his first troubled person.
  • Tommy quits his job to stay in Haven; we see him burying a body in the forest.
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Episode 3.04 – Over My Head
Original Air Date: October 12, 2012.
Case: Tommy and Nathan investigate the deaths of the Bolt Gun Killer; the gang investigates water related deaths.
Trouble of the Week: Daphne, a woman who has been on an unnoticed accident, brings out her worst fears to life affecting the people she thinks can help her.
What we learned:
  • Claire tries to make Audrey remember her past by hypnotizing her.  
  • The Teagues reveal that the tattooed people are called The Guard and have been in Haven for generations. Their job is to protect the Troubled.
  • They also give him a contact: Jordan McKee.
  • Nathan reveals the Bolt Gun killer has the tattoo.
  • Audrey starts experiencing flashbacks from the time she was Lucy.
  • Tommy warns the Teagues to stop checking his background; now they know he’s hiding something.
  • Duke has been following Nathan and Audrey in the cases; he tells Audrey is to piss Nathan off. She doesn’t believe it.
  • Nathan meets Jordan McKee, a troubled woman who’s a member of the Guard and works as a waitress. Her trouble: to inflict pain. 
  • Nathan lies to Jordan by telling her he got the tattoo to pick a side when Reverend Driscoll tried to divide Haven.
  • The Teagues find a sealed file online for Tommy; they will blackmail him for information.
  • Duke saves this week’s troubled person by absorbing her blood and using his strength to release her from the car she’s trapped in.
  • Audrey feels guilty about making Duke kill Harry Nix.
  • Duke tells Audrey it was his choice and wanted to be on the case to prove her that his family’s legacy doesn’t control him and neither does her.
  • Nathan visits Jordan and discovers her trouble. He touches her; doesn’t feel her. Jordan is amazed.
  • Nathan convinces Jordan to talk to the Guard on his behalf, to let him in.
  • The Teagues visit Tommy to blackmail him about a shooting he was involved in a while ago. He shoots back by asking them if Nathan knows about them owning half of the real estate in Haven and some bank accounts; they won’t explain where the money comes from, so they decide to stay off each other’s businesses. But they make clear they keep an eye on everybody in Haven.
  • We see the Bolt Gun killer combing the hair he took from a victim. 
  • Audrey has a dream about the day the Colorado Kid died and the barn. Then she sees Agent Howard, who asks her to stop remembering. He won’t say what. She wakes up.
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Episode 3.05 – Double Jeopardy
Original Air Date: October 19, 2012.
Case: All the victims have been in court but weren’t convicted for their crimes.
Trouble of the Week: Lynette, a court employee, creates a golem to make justice for all those people who have gotten away with crimes.
What we learned:
  • Duke is in court for parking tickets, but gets away with it.
  • Audrey tells Claire about her dreams; Claire suggests making a facial composite of the Colorado Kid.
  • Duke is affected by this week’s trouble. The Grey Gull is trashed.
  • Since Duke needs protection, Audrey suggests he stays at her place; Nathan thinks a jail cell is better. When Duke accepts to stay at Audrey’s, Nathan tells him she’s only using him as bait.
  • Jordan tells Nathan that if he wants in the Guard he will have to prove it: she asks him to swing a transfer. Nathan agrees.
  • Audrey tells Duke that love isn’t something that can be erased. Duke only knows she and him have been fighting their fates.
  • Duke confesses to Audrey that the good thing about the troubles is that she got to meet her.
  • When the Guard interferes with the swing transfer, Nathan saves Jordan from being shot by an officer. He earns her trust.
  • Audrey thinks Duke is a good man despite his moments.
  • Nathan and Jordan kiss.
  • Audrey realizes that the Bolt Gun killer is building a woman.
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Episode 3.06 – Real Estate
Original Air Date: October 26, 2012.
Case: The gang investigates a death inside a haunted house.
Trouble of the Week: Roland Holloway has possessed his house and has called Audrey in for revenge.
What we learned:
  • Audrey finally has a facial composite of the Colorado kid.
  • While on a date with Nathan, Jordan senses Audrey is more than a partner to Nathan.
  • Audrey experiences a blackout while investigating a murder in the haunted house with Duke.
  • The haunted house traps Nathan, Audrey, Duke, Claire, Tommy and Jordan and it starts to turn everyone against each other.
  • Nathan tells Jordan about the Bolt Gun killer.
  • Audrey realizes she’s been in the haunted house before… as Lucy.
  • When Duke accuses Nathan of being part of the Guard, Audrey stands by him.
  • In one of her blackouts, Audrey remembers how to solve the trouble. She also remembers something: the Colorado kid was with her.
  • The Colorado kid’s identity is revealed: His name is James Cogan.
  • Nathan tells Jordan that they may have started off with lies but it’s not like that anymore. They kiss.
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