Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thought on Lay Me Down

I have to say that this has got to be the best episode of the season. Or the series, I’m not sure.

For the first time, the way the Troubles affect people were altered and that gives the show a whole new perspective. What other things could the two tough guys, who I think they’re called “The Seekers” can do? If they can alter the Troubles, can they stop them too?

Jennifer is back and the poor thing has now become part of the conspiracy of the Teagues brothers. They made her investigate herself; we find out she is adopted and that our beloved Agent Howard handled her adoption. Was she born in the barn and this is why she has a connection to it? Who are her parents?
I love the town’s new forensic… and I love that they brought back Vicky from episode 7 “Sketchy” from Season 1.

Duke has had the toughest days lately. Not only he is sure he cannot have Audrey, but Vince is putting some pressure by demanding him to have his brother out of Haven as soon as possible. To make things much worse, Wade finds out about the Crocker family legacy and he becomes drunk with power. I am glad that Duke put his friends before family by investigating his brother’s whereabouts and stopping him for killing someone who’s become important to him: Jennifer. I wonder what will happen now that Duke is no longer Troubled. And how that will affect his relationship with Nathan and Audrey.

Nathan and Audrey. Finally! I was started to fall back into disappointment when Nathan left the apartment, but was very happy to see him pull himself together, face Audrey and make her see the truth: that he loves her, that she loves him and there can’t be anything that stops them. That I guess it’s them against the world.

I am also happy that they kissed and we didn’t have to wait 9 seasons like in The X-Files. Not that I would’ve minded waiting 9 years, because that would’ve meant more Haven episodes, but thank you writers!

What do you guys think?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Haven Night, UK!

Good morning UK!

An all new Haven tonight for you guys, episode 5 "The New Girl" airs on Syfy at 9pm.

Okay, I made a mistake last week, you got episode 4 "Lost and Found", but this episode has a very interesting end scene too.

You don't want to miss it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Adam Copeland!

Before the day ends, I have to post that today is Adam Copeland's birthday, better know as "The Edge", who plays Dwight Hendrickson on Haven.

He turns 40.

Please stop by Twitter and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Adam!

4.08 Preview + Episode Stills

"Haven" season 4 continues this week with episode 8, "Crush," and on Tuesday, Oct. 29, Syfy released promotional photos teasing the latest trouble to hit the town.

The latest "Haven" episode ended with Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) finally giving in to their feelings, but there were two certain people watching her apartment from the woods—and it looked like they were the ones responsible for the last trouble getting out of hand. So what will they do next? Plus, Duke (Eric Balfour) had to kill his brother, Wade (Christian Camargo) to save Jennifer (Emma Lahana), and he's determined to keep that a secret.

This next episode is going to see the pressure on when a deadly deep sea trouble threatens to crus the entire town and everything Audrey and Nathan think they know bout the Troubles.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

TV Equals: 4.07 Lay Me Down Review

Let’s see. How can I describe this week’s episode of Haven? I guess the only words I have are: best episode ever! Everything we could have wanted was delivered with a shiny red bow. Haven’s writers really outdid themselves. They delivered a tight story that was a perfect balance of tragedy and comedy. I usually have something in a show to nitpick, but I can’t think of a single thing this week.

Haven Season 4 Episode 7 Lay Me Down (5)

Dream On.
Our troubled person this week was a newspaper delivery woman (BSG’s Kandyse McClure) who was inadvertently transferring her Freddy Kruger-like trouble to others in the town. Everyone was afraid to fall asleep because when they did, any physical harm they suffered in their dream manifested in the real world. For Duke, this involved a knife wound from a confrontation with Wade. Dwight’s dream gave him a bullet in the chest. 

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Ratings: Lay Me Down

Haven was basically steady versus last week! Which is amazing because:

a) It's a Friday night
b) Big networks keep airing season premieres

18-49 Adults: 0.4
Viewers: 1.455 million

And Eric Balfour shared this on Twitter:

During the live broadcast of "Lay Me Down", all the hashtags we asked you to use including #pancakes, trended:

Embedded image permalink

Thanks to all for watching, tweeting live and loving this show.

We can't stop now, we need Season 5.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Haven Night!

Ok... I know all the Lucas Bryant's fans have been counting the days for this episode.

Tonight, episode 7 "Lay Me Down" airs on Syfy at 10/9C.

Eric Balfour will be tweeting live, there is something important happening to Duke so we cannot miss it. He asked all the fans to watch live and continue with the great support to ensure a Season 5.

Also, there is a fan campaign to celebrate the 4 years of the relationship between Nathan and Audrey, so join the live discussion on Twitter and use the hashtag #pancakes

Don't forget to use #DiscoverHaven too.

And WATCH LIVE. We need a renewal soon.

A great way to start the weekend!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

‘Haven’ Stars are Latest Special Guests at MCM London Comic Con

emily_haven-articleHaven stars Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose are to be special guests at MCM London Comic Con, which comes to ExCel London on 25-27 October. Emily Rose, who is also well known for her lead role in the critically-acclaimed Uncharted games, will be making her first MCM appearance, while Lucas Bryant is already a fan favourite at the show.

Based on the Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, Haven sees a plague of supernatural afflictions known as The Troubles descend on a small town in Maine. Emily Rose plays Audrey Parker, a shrewd FBI agent sent to Haven to solve the murder of a local ex-con. Before long, however, Audrey finds herself caught up in a swirl of mysterious events and discovers that the town itself may have a shocking connection to her long-missing past.

Meanwhile, Lucas Bryant plays Nathan Wuonos, a local police officer who partners with Audrey to try to get to the bottom of the supernatural problems troubling Haven. Nathan’s controlled approach complements Audrey’s feisty nature, making them a great team …but his calm is put to the test as the townsfolk’s supernatural abilities begin to manifest.

Broadcast in the UK on Syfy, popular sci-fi series Haven is currently in its fourth season.

Source: MCM Comic Con

Eric Balfour Will Tweet Episode 4.07 Live

All the Reasons Why You Should Wtch Syfy’s ‘Haven’

Being a fan of any Syfy show can be a challenge. Your favorite show can run anywhere from one to ten seasons (I’m looking at you Stargate SG-1). No show is safe and every new season means waiting, with baited breath, to see if your favorite show will get the renewal. 

This season, for me, that show is Haven. I hadn’t realized what I had been getting into when I started season one on Netflix. I flew through the first three seasons and immediately bought the iTunes pass for season four. This show is one of T.V.’s hidden gems. There are beautiful character arcs that span every season. There’s mystery and suspense but they make a concerted effort to explain many of the mysteries each season. Those answers though, always beget new questions. 

Haven is a show that is loosely based on Stephen King’s novel, The Colorado Kid, and it follows the life of Special Agent Audrey Parker, as she investigates unusual happenings in Haven, Maine. This is not a crime drama and in fact the police work falls to the side quite quickly in lieu of the supernatural elements. Audrey is intrinsically connected to Haven, but just how much remains a mystery. The series also follows several other Haven residents including the handsome, yet shy, Officer Nathan Wuornos and the local bad boy, Duke Crocker. Each character has a specific role to play and it’s still unknown whether or not their choices have an impact or if it’s really just all up to fate. 

The best part of this show is the fandom. It’s not the largest group, but they are mighty. Promotion is mostly grassroots with the actors, writers and other crew offering access and information to get the word out about the show. Specifically show lead, @ERICBALFOUR and recurring cast member @KateKelton enjoy interacting with fans on an almost daily basis. It has a strong Tumblr and Twitter following with many wonderful, dedicated fan sites. Depending on your desired involvement it’s can be a real chance to feel as though you are a part of something bigger than yourself or, just a nice way to have in depth discussions about what will happen next. 

This Friday is a big push for Haven fans. We are hoping to boost the ratings to ensure that we get a season five. After all, we can’t let them leave us hanging. There are so many more questions that need answered! If this show sounds like something you’d enjoy, take the time to catch up on Netflix (watching out of order is ill-advised) and join us this Friday as we watch the show live. Tweet or Tumble #DiscoverHaven or #Pancakes to show your support. 

Give Haven a shot. I think you’ll be surprised how hooked you’ll be. Join us on Fridays at 10pm on Syfy and #DiscoverHaven. 

For more info about Haven or if you want to hear about how cute my dog is, follow me on Twitter @alyssahoman or visit my website, 

Link to Original Article in Hypable

Happy Haven Night, UK!

Good morning!

An all new Haven tonight for you guys, episode 4 "The New Girl" airs on Syfy at 9pm.

You cannot miss this episode. Specially the end scene ;)

Don't miss it!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Emily Rose Goes Sexy Teacher + Stills from Episode 4.07

Haven - Season 4

Nathan’s dreams are about to come true in episode 4.07 of “Haven” if these newly released stills are any indication. Emily Rose’s Audrey Parker channels that sexy teacher fantasy in a dream sequence that sees Lucas Bryant naked and late for class in an episode that’s all about dreams having real life consequences, aptly titled “Lay Me Down.” A nice little interlude for Haven’s resident star-crossed lovers while they continue to try to figure out how to end the Troubles without one of them having to kill the other.

Meanwhile, Eric Balfour is dealing with slightly less amusing problems as Duke’s issues with his newly returned – and newly revealed to be totally evil – brother Wade (Christian Camargo) becomes deadlier. Good thing his new sidekick/love interest Jennifer (Emma Lahana) is back in town and hopefully getting some answers about Haven from Richard Donat and John Dunsworth’s Vince and Dave.

The newest episode of “Haven” airs this Friday night at 10pm. See the new episode stills, plus the sneak peek, below.

Stills from Episode and Sneak Peek in Up and Comers

Thought on Countdown

I don’t know if saying that I’m a little disappointed on several issues about this episode is too tough, but I am so please, don’t blame me. I actually liked most of the episode.

As much as I complained about Jordan being bitchy, bitter and stalking Nathan all the time, I am sad her life had to end like that, because she was just a woman looking for some happiness, pretty much like the rest of the world. Nice performance by Kate Kelton by the way. I’ll miss her.

What’s disappointing me this season is the way the writers’ are handling Nathan’s character. I don’t like it. When you look at the other two main characters, Audrey and Duke, they’re strong, have their background and are constantly evolving. But Nathan? Correct me if I am wrong but it’s like he is living on the shadows of the other two characters. I thought we were going to see a stronger man once the Chief died, taking over his duties and be a boss, but it didn’t happen and now 2 years and 6 episodes later he seems weak and trying to play a martyr by ending the troubles. What will happen now that Audrey will refuse to kill him? I know that Nathan is a calmed, relaxed guy but I really hope that his character evolves soon to see a Nathan with more purposes than loving Audrey and trying to end the troubles. Besides it will be interesting to see more of Lucas Bryant’s acting skills. Come on, man!

Wade… poor SOB. I’m sure that he will have a very bad ending but in the meantime, I just don’t know how much damage he will do and… if he will come in between Nathan and Audrey once he finds out what Audrey can do.

More secrets continue to be revealed for the Teagues. See, this is what I mean when I talk about the evolution and background of a character. What a terrible thing he had to do. I guess he was in love. He should understand Nathan a little bit. I wonder if Dave has a secret too and will the writers please let us know why he feared Sarah Vernon so much or what is it some kind of filler?

Audrey… It took us four long episodes to get her out of the barn and she reveals herself to Nathan in one scene??? The writers gave it away too easily, too fast, too predictable.  I wish they had kept it a secret for another episode and be more original when Nathan found out. He didn’t even kiss her! What’s wrong with you??? This’d better have an explanation in future episodes or I will complain on Twitter.

On the other hand, Duke and Nathan’s friendship is absolutely brilliant. No more pain in the ass from Nathan to Duke, but a request of taking care of Lexie when Nathan is gone. Who would’ve thought. Another example of characters evolving, in this case, together. I wonder what will happen, because Wade will come in between their friendship.

The trouble of the week was very interested but they rushed the whole end to it. What a bummer.

Am I being too demanding? I’d love to read your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TV Equals: Countdown Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 6 Countdown (2)

I told you this week’s Haven was going to be good! The show is just zipping along this season and giving us tons of twists and turns. It’s hard to tell what’s around the next corner, which makes things very exciting. 

Not only do we have our old Audrey back, but she’s also a bit spicier because she has retained the experiences of her alter ego, Lexie. Unfortunately, the ruse of Lexie doesn’t last too long thanks to Jordan and Wade. They bug the police station and figure out that Haven’s darling is back to her old self. This sets off a chain reaction that culminates in a showdown between Jordan and the group.

I thought they would drag out the Lexie story a bit longer and let Nathan slowly figure out that she was, in fact, Audrey. I’m not too disappointed by the quick reveal because it’s good to have them reunited. Hopefully, we will see more open affection between the two. After waiting so long for them to finally admit their love, it would be nice to see them together in a more than platonic way. I really like that Audrey is refusing to even consider the idea of killing Nathan to end the troubles. I wouldn’t expect her to go along with such a bad idea, but it’s her confidence that she’ll find another way to end the troubles that gives hope. It would be a boring season if it was just constantly debating whether or not to kill Nathan for the greater good. If there is another way, we’ll have an interesting journey as she tries to find it. I am guessing this will also bring back the people we previously met in the barn.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Message from Eric Balfour


First off, I just want to say thank you for being the most amazing fans in the world and supporting our show in amazing ways that always surprise me. I believe all of your energy and enthusiasm have almost guaranteed Syfy to renew Haven for a 5th season but I don't want to to leave anything to chance. I also believe that if this coming Friday's episode does as well as the last few episodes have performed in the ratings then we will cross the finish line on getting that 5th season. This is where WE NEED YOUR HELP. Starting this week more new shows and more competition for our viewers start appearing on other networks and while those shows can survive losing a few viewers here and there, Haven cannot. As you have seen with other shows, Syfy isn't always the most loyal network and mostly because they can't afford to be. This is why we need to do everything we can this week to rally our amazing haven family to WATCH LIVE, tweet, encourage others to join, and spread so much HAVEN LOVE that it infiltrates every corner of the universe. I know we can do this because I know how amazing the Haven family is! We need to be creative and keep this going all week! We need to make sure EVERYONE knows how important this next episodes ratings are. Also it just so happens to be another enormously epic insane episode! Duke is going to face his greatest challenge and have to make the hardest decision he's ever made! SO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE and make sure that everyone you know tunes in this week, sets their DVR's, tweets #DiscoverHaven, and helps guarantee a 5th season of #Haven

Thank you!


Ratings: Countdown


Ratings were steady versus last week, getting a 0.4 in the 18-49 adult rating.

Adults 18-49: 0.4
Viewers: 1.451 million

I like these numbers. Hopefully the ratings will pick up with a naked Nathan next week. :)

Source: TV by the Numbers

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Primera Temporada de Haven por Syfy Latinoamérica

Amigos de Latinoamérica,

Syfy Latinoamérica está transmitiendo la primera temporada de Haven todos los domingos a las 8pm tiempo de la Ciudad de México.

Así que si quieren revivir este show antes de la premiere de la cuarta temporada, esta es su oportunidad.

¡No se la pierdan!

4.07 Lay Me Down Sneak Peek + Preview

"Haven" season 4 continues next week with episode 7, "Lay Me Down," and on Friday, Oct. 18, Syfy released a sneak peek teasing a very awkward, very embarrassing situation for Nathan (Lucas Bryant).

What's your worst nightmare? Did you ever have the one where you're naked in front of your class? Did you ever have the one where you're not ready for an exam? Well, in this next "Haven" episode, Nathan and Audrey (Emily Rose) investigate a trouble that attacks Haven's citizens in their nightmares. Meanwhile, Duke (Eric Balfour) is dealing with the very real nightmare his brother has become. Now that his brother has tasted their family trouble, will Duke be able to stop him, or will Wade (Christian Camargo) kill someone else?

The "Lay Me Down" sneak peek to the left is all about Nathan's own nightmare, and right at the heart of it is Audrey—and she ends up looking exactly like a sexy schoolteacher. Poor Nathan is faced with having to answer one very important question—"Who do you love?" with Audrey, Sarah, Lexie, none of the above, and all of the above the choices—and when he doesn't answer in time, he gets punished.

Source: Examiner

Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Haven Night!

I'm going to start this post different from the previous ones.

I recommend all those Nielsen families, non-Nielsen families fans of Haven watch LIVE tonight. Episode 6, "Countdown" airs on Syfy at 10/9 C. The rumor is something important happens in episode 6 and 7, so you don't want to miss.

Can't watch live? Download from iTunes when available.

And if you want and can, join the live discussion on Twitter, Kate Kelton, who plays Jordan McKee - and it's actually a lot nicer than her character - will be twitting live.

I'm saying this because I strongly believe that if the show makes 0.4 - 0.5 in the 18-49 adult ratings with this episode, we will be singing Season 5 very very soon.

So, Happy Haven Night!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Haven Night, UK!

Hello UK fans!

Don't miss an all new Haven tonight, episode 3 "Bad Blood" airs at 9pm on Syfy UK.

Pretty creepy, don't forget to watch.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Haven Panel at NYCC 2013

Watch live video from NYCC on TwitchTV

TV Equals: The New Girl Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 5 The New Girl (1)

I’m pretty sure this is the best season of Haven yet. This week’s episode was so phenomenally good; I just don’t know where to start. The return of Audrey/Lexie? Duke and Jennifer? Nathan and the Guard? Deep breaths – let’s start with Audrey.

Audrey/Lexie has returned to Haven. It’s about time! She jumped through the supernatural portal and landed in the middle of complete chaos. The Guard’s hopes that Audrey would return and kill Nathan were dashed when they realized that she was actually Lexie – not Audrey – and didn’t have the same feelings for Nathan that Audrey had. Of course, this got Jordan foaming at the mouth. Surprisingly, Vince then joined in with the cries to kill Nathan. Lucky for Nathan, Duke has his back and came up with a delay tactic – if Lexie could fall in love with Nathan, she could eventually kill him and end the troubles.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Thought on The New Girl

WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

I’m sorry I didn’t post during the weekend; I was/am still trying to process everything that happened during the fifth episode of this season. All I have to say is this is by far the best season and I’ve found a new excitement for this show. And all in the same weekend of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at the Paley Center for Media celebrating the 20 years of The X-Files’ premiere and talking about a possible third movie. And the MLB playoffs… and me succeeding in making gluten-free brownies.

The whole script is absolutely brilliant. Why? Because I believe most of the scenes led to the very last scene.

This week trouble was really disturbing. What a cruel way to find revenge for the people that hurt this guy. And even those who hadn’t even hurt him! He hurt Jennifer and made Duke go through hell.

I had been spoiled on Twitter during the live broadcast and I actually regretted reading all the tweets, because I swear my pants, shorts, skirt whatever I’d be wearing while watching the episode the next day would’ve fallen off in the end scene. So this is why I couldn’t stop laughing at Lexie’s comments and reactions all episode.

Audrey is a very smart woman. I mean, if she came out of the barn being Audrey which is the most likely scenario, then she played her cards excellently, especially when it comes to her interaction with Nathan. Everything she said to him was out of place and some words were said to hurt his feelings and push him away, like the pancakes comment, for example. However, his “complicated” comment seemed to remove her own feelings, because she notices how much it hurt him to have lost Audrey and how much she is hurting him by not revealing herself.

She thought everything had come out according to her plan but she failed to hide knowing the truth about Duke’s trouble. Duke confronting her in the end and “Lexie” revealing her true identity has got to be one of the best scenes of the amazing friendship between Duke and Audrey. I absolutely loved her “Was I broke?” comment. Last night I was able to watch the pilot on Syfy Latin America, and it is incredible how the three main characters have evolved, how their own fates have brought them together instead of apart. And how much I miss the Chief.

I just hope Nathan is not the last one to realize her real identity, because I can only expect to see that on Mexican soap operas, which suck by the way.

I'm happy Duke seems very comfortable with Jennifer. I'm looking forward to see how their relationship evolves now that they will be living together. Don't you all think Emma Lahana looks like a young Winona Ryder?

Eric Balfour and Emily Rose gave probably their best performances of the whole series. I think they were flawless.

Can it be Friday already? I am dying here.

Eric Balfour: This Friday's Episode... Shocking!

Ratings: The New Girl

Haven was steady versus last week, getting a 0.4 in the 18-49 adult ratings, with a small increase in the number of viewers.

18-49 Adults: 0.4
Viewers: 1.587 million

This is great news!

Source: TV by the Numbers

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Haven Night!

Hello USA fans!

We have an all new Haven tonight, episode 5 "The New Girl", airs on Syfy at 10/9C.

Once again, we had great ratings last Friday, and trended again on Twitter in many cities in the United States with #DiscoverHaven and #Haven.

Let's do it again tonight! Join the live discussion on Twitter. You know the drill, if not, read it here.

Can't wait for the interaction between Nathan and "the new girl".


Monday, October 07, 2013

Ratings: Lost and Found

Another good week in the ratings!

Though it was down a tick from last episode, Haven got 0.4 in the 18-49 adult ratings, giving it a very steady first third of Season 4.

18-49 Adults: 0.4
Viewers: 1.489 million

Source: TV by the Numbers

TV Equals: 4.04 Lost and Found Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 4 Lost and Found (3)

I’m pinch-hitting for Courtney this week, Haven fans, and we have a lot of ground to cover so I’m going to use subsections, cause I’m nerdy like that. (No worries, Courtney will be back next week and I have a feeling she’s going to have a big episode waiting to welcome her back.)

The Trouble of the Week
This week’s Trouble might have resonated more if it had been held back for later in the season, post-Barn, but it was still creepy, as folklore involving children is by default. A husband with infertility issues accidentally conjured up Douens to enchant children for his wife to take care of, including their own nephew. With Dwight and Nathan on the case, two fathers who feel they failed their children, this could have been a personal case for both men– however, the episode only mentioned the connection in passing instead of mining it for the quality angst that was there.

Dwight and Nathan managed to find the kids just in time to save them all from dying of hypothermia and Dwight got off an ill-timed quip when he told the wife that her husband was ready to talk about adoption roughly two seconds after she got her faculties back post-Douen enchantment. (One more thing: those Douens were scary already, but if they had been given the backwards feet of the traditional Douen it would taken them to a whole new level of terror.)

Keep reading at TV Equals

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Eric Balfour: Good Times with Lucas and Adam

Good times w/ Lucas & : said to tweet this so here you go

Brian Millikin: 4.05 The New Girl Writer

Thought on Lost and Found

The last time I remember my blood going cold was when I saw The Others with Nicole Kidman. I had the same feeling when I saw that screen shot of the creepy Douen kid looking out the door. I mean, I was home, alone, at night, with my back to the door. Super creepy.

What a horrible trouble. I can't imagine how strong the man's desire to have a child was that he created these horrible creatures, cast a spell on his wife and steal other people's children to give his wife and himself, the family he had promised. Finally Nathan remembered James and referred to him as his son. And Dwight remember his own daughter. Wow, I wonder how Lexie will react when Nathan breaks her the news about their son.

Of all the female guest stars in the four seasons of the show, it is Emma Lahana I like the best. Duke and Jennifer look great together. The pair's moments are amazing, they're not forced and it has a lot to do with the actors' chemistry. The yoga scenes were funny. I'm looking forward to find out how it is that Jennifer is connected to Audrey. Will she still hear things, find out more about the barn, about who Audrey is, about the origins of the Troubles? Would that be too much to ask if I wanted Jennifer to stay for another season?

Poor Jordan. Not only she is miserable haunting Nathan in every crime scene but now she will have to live with her trouble for a little more time. I am glad Audrey is back because I couldn't bare Nathan saying that he will ask Audrey to kill him.  What will Jordan do now? Be more bitchy? Try to set up Lexie with someone so she falls in love, kills him and end the troubles?

So the troubles end forever now Lexie needs to kill the person she loves the most. In two of her personalities, she loved Nathan. We don't know who Lucy Ripley loved yet. I still think that Nathan and Audrey belong together, that somehow Lexie will remember who she was. They are connected. William made it clear that the pain she felt in her heart was for someone she hasn't met in this lifetime. Did he actually mean Nathan or is it someone new? I hope not. It would be very hard on Nathan. And I also hope they find another way to end the troubles once and for all. Like in Season 10 or something. I also believe that she chose to be Lexie because she doesn't know any other personality yet, she hasn't dug in her past. So, the question here is if she will choose to be Audrey once she remembers.

Last but not least... Vince and Dave have more secrets? What's up with the journal Dave was carrying and The Room??? Why did Dave want to stop Wow, it doesn't end.

One thing I am sure of is that at lest the 3 main characters will not die. So I expect a plot twist or two.

What do you think?

Friday, October 04, 2013

Happy Haven Night!

Hello USA fans!

We have an all new Haven tonight, episode 4 "Lost and Found", airs on Syfy at 10/9C.

Thanks to all, we were able to raise the ratings enough and trend on Twitter in many cities in the United States and in countries like Australia with #DiscoverHaven.

Let's do it again tonight! Join the live discussion on Twitter. You know the drill, if not, read it here.

This is the episode where Audrey be back in Haven.


Thursday, October 03, 2013

Eric Balfour: U Don't Wanna Miss Friday's #Haven on Syfy

Promotional Photos - 4.04 Lost and Found

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ratings: Bad Blood

Great news!

Haven was up versus last week's episode in the 18-49 adult rating and in viewers:

18-49 Adults: 0.5
Viewers: 1.540 million

Thanks to all who watched live and who joined the live discussion on Twitter.

If the ratings continue this steady, I don't see a problem for a Season 5.

Tune in on Friday!

Source: TV by the Numbers