Monday, October 07, 2013

TV Equals: 4.04 Lost and Found Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 4 Lost and Found (3)

I’m pinch-hitting for Courtney this week, Haven fans, and we have a lot of ground to cover so I’m going to use subsections, cause I’m nerdy like that. (No worries, Courtney will be back next week and I have a feeling she’s going to have a big episode waiting to welcome her back.)

The Trouble of the Week
This week’s Trouble might have resonated more if it had been held back for later in the season, post-Barn, but it was still creepy, as folklore involving children is by default. A husband with infertility issues accidentally conjured up Douens to enchant children for his wife to take care of, including their own nephew. With Dwight and Nathan on the case, two fathers who feel they failed their children, this could have been a personal case for both men– however, the episode only mentioned the connection in passing instead of mining it for the quality angst that was there.

Dwight and Nathan managed to find the kids just in time to save them all from dying of hypothermia and Dwight got off an ill-timed quip when he told the wife that her husband was ready to talk about adoption roughly two seconds after she got her faculties back post-Douen enchantment. (One more thing: those Douens were scary already, but if they had been given the backwards feet of the traditional Douen it would taken them to a whole new level of terror.)

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