Monday, October 14, 2013

Thought on The New Girl

WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

I’m sorry I didn’t post during the weekend; I was/am still trying to process everything that happened during the fifth episode of this season. All I have to say is this is by far the best season and I’ve found a new excitement for this show. And all in the same weekend of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at the Paley Center for Media celebrating the 20 years of The X-Files’ premiere and talking about a possible third movie. And the MLB playoffs… and me succeeding in making gluten-free brownies.

The whole script is absolutely brilliant. Why? Because I believe most of the scenes led to the very last scene.

This week trouble was really disturbing. What a cruel way to find revenge for the people that hurt this guy. And even those who hadn’t even hurt him! He hurt Jennifer and made Duke go through hell.

I had been spoiled on Twitter during the live broadcast and I actually regretted reading all the tweets, because I swear my pants, shorts, skirt whatever I’d be wearing while watching the episode the next day would’ve fallen off in the end scene. So this is why I couldn’t stop laughing at Lexie’s comments and reactions all episode.

Audrey is a very smart woman. I mean, if she came out of the barn being Audrey which is the most likely scenario, then she played her cards excellently, especially when it comes to her interaction with Nathan. Everything she said to him was out of place and some words were said to hurt his feelings and push him away, like the pancakes comment, for example. However, his “complicated” comment seemed to remove her own feelings, because she notices how much it hurt him to have lost Audrey and how much she is hurting him by not revealing herself.

She thought everything had come out according to her plan but she failed to hide knowing the truth about Duke’s trouble. Duke confronting her in the end and “Lexie” revealing her true identity has got to be one of the best scenes of the amazing friendship between Duke and Audrey. I absolutely loved her “Was I broke?” comment. Last night I was able to watch the pilot on Syfy Latin America, and it is incredible how the three main characters have evolved, how their own fates have brought them together instead of apart. And how much I miss the Chief.

I just hope Nathan is not the last one to realize her real identity, because I can only expect to see that on Mexican soap operas, which suck by the way.

I'm happy Duke seems very comfortable with Jennifer. I'm looking forward to see how their relationship evolves now that they will be living together. Don't you all think Emma Lahana looks like a young Winona Ryder?

Eric Balfour and Emily Rose gave probably their best performances of the whole series. I think they were flawless.

Can it be Friday already? I am dying here.

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  1. Hi Elle!

    Just watched episode 405. HOLY SMOKEY MACARONI. It's all I can manage to say. So I was PARTLY right to say that Lexi came back from the barn because she didn't wanna kill Nathan. (partial)BOOM!

    Loved this episode. Poor poor poor Nathan :( Audrey really made everything in her power so he couldn't notice that it's really her. If he would have gone in the basement, he would have catch it too like Duke did and the episode would have ended in a completely other matter...
    I just wanted to give Nathan (and Jennifer too) a big big hug. A threesome hug. (*ponders*) That sounds weird. WELL THEN.

    Awesome plot twist though. Also, how FREAKING CUTE was Audrey to keep a picture of her and Nathan on her desk while they share an office!!! It reminded me of The Office when Jim had a picture of Pam while they worked 5 feets from each other.

    Eric Balfour, I tip my hat to you sir. You are awesome! Emma Lahana is my spirit animal and yes she does look like Wiona Ryder.

    Gotta go. Cannot wait for friday :D