Sunday, October 06, 2013

Thought on Lost and Found

The last time I remember my blood going cold was when I saw The Others with Nicole Kidman. I had the same feeling when I saw that screen shot of the creepy Douen kid looking out the door. I mean, I was home, alone, at night, with my back to the door. Super creepy.

What a horrible trouble. I can't imagine how strong the man's desire to have a child was that he created these horrible creatures, cast a spell on his wife and steal other people's children to give his wife and himself, the family he had promised. Finally Nathan remembered James and referred to him as his son. And Dwight remember his own daughter. Wow, I wonder how Lexie will react when Nathan breaks her the news about their son.

Of all the female guest stars in the four seasons of the show, it is Emma Lahana I like the best. Duke and Jennifer look great together. The pair's moments are amazing, they're not forced and it has a lot to do with the actors' chemistry. The yoga scenes were funny. I'm looking forward to find out how it is that Jennifer is connected to Audrey. Will she still hear things, find out more about the barn, about who Audrey is, about the origins of the Troubles? Would that be too much to ask if I wanted Jennifer to stay for another season?

Poor Jordan. Not only she is miserable haunting Nathan in every crime scene but now she will have to live with her trouble for a little more time. I am glad Audrey is back because I couldn't bare Nathan saying that he will ask Audrey to kill him.  What will Jordan do now? Be more bitchy? Try to set up Lexie with someone so she falls in love, kills him and end the troubles?

So the troubles end forever now Lexie needs to kill the person she loves the most. In two of her personalities, she loved Nathan. We don't know who Lucy Ripley loved yet. I still think that Nathan and Audrey belong together, that somehow Lexie will remember who she was. They are connected. William made it clear that the pain she felt in her heart was for someone she hasn't met in this lifetime. Did he actually mean Nathan or is it someone new? I hope not. It would be very hard on Nathan. And I also hope they find another way to end the troubles once and for all. Like in Season 10 or something. I also believe that she chose to be Lexie because she doesn't know any other personality yet, she hasn't dug in her past. So, the question here is if she will choose to be Audrey once she remembers.

Last but not least... Vince and Dave have more secrets? What's up with the journal Dave was carrying and The Room??? Why did Dave want to stop Wow, it doesn't end.

One thing I am sure of is that at lest the 3 main characters will not die. So I expect a plot twist or two.

What do you think?


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  2. hey Elle
    It's been a long time since I posted a message here! Don't worry I still REALLY love Haven and I'm really satisfied by the first 4 episodes, especially the last one. The only thing that bugged me was the lack of dialogue in William and Lexie's scenes. It was like "oh I know who you are" and then poor Lexie "oh yeah? explain please" and then "I can't" -_- hehe but I know it's part of the show to be quite mysterious but still... I just hope we see more of William (I miss Jack Carter :( at least with him I get a dose of Colin Ferguson :P)

    Also, I think the reason why Lexie came back from the barn is that MAYBE Audrey didn't want to come back. If you would be back, with the barn gone, she would have to kill Nathan, something I think she will never do. But I'm just a sucker for the whole "Nathan and Audrey are soulmates" Therefore I really think that Lexie will fall in love with him (he did kiss her hard and good in 404 and she let him do it alright!) and eventually a trouble/something else will make her remember who she is. Anyways , "she always comes back with a different name, but deep down she's always the same"

    p.s. something happens, my comment was deleted ??

    1. I'm happy to see you here Sandy!!!
      I totally agree with you on the lack of dialogue in the bar scenes. I just wanted them to be over! Looked like an X-files scene :)
      Well, I guess this episode will explain why Lexie didn't push Nathan away, right??? So excited!!!

  3. I really love the ending of this episode, I think Lexie remembers Nathan somehow, how else do we explained she let a total stranger kissed her like that lol Lexie may not be Audrey but when she said hi to Nathan, there was a flicker of recognition on her part. She seemed upset when Nathan asked her to kill him, if she didn't remember him, she clearly won't be upset. I think that first kiss sealed Nathan and Lexie's destiny to be together too. Too bad for Jordan if she wants to pair Lexie with some other man :D

    1. Yes, I loved the end scene and the fact that she let him kiss her... and now we know why!!!!!!!!!!
      Let's see how long they can keep the secret :)
      Thanks for posting and coming back!

    2. I knew it. There are so many hints in episode 4 & 5 about who she really is. It is cruel of her though to tease Nathan like that but she had to do it with the Guards and Jordan hovering over them all the times.

      Thanks Elle. I always checking your blog for latest Haven stories :D