Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lucas Bryant: Normal Day in Haven

New Haven Comic & Season 4 DVD Release Date

Entertainment One and IDW Publishing just released this sneak peek of the new Haven comic book, “Haven: In the Beginning.”  The comic will give fans more insight into the season 4 finale and events in season 5.  “Haven: In the Beginning” features an original story by Haven Story Editor Nick Parker, art by Roger Robinson (Batman: Gotham Knights, Azrael, Alien vs. Predator), colors by Marcio Freire (Manticore, Green Hornet, Red Sonja) and letters by Robbie Robbins.

The comic will be available exclusively inside the Haven: Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray and DVD, which will be released on August 26, 2014.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lucas & Eric... They Like Each Other

It’s Official! Haven FINALLY Gets a Twitter Account!

If you try to follow the account and discover you’re already following, that’s because this is the account previously known as @DaveHaven. As they did with the @VinceHaven account, which is now @DarksideSeekers, the network simply renamed an existing account. Smart, because it came with a built-in following of over 20k followers, and a reputation for providing Haven fans with news about our show.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eirc Balfour: As Long As I'm Causing Trouble...

Season 5 Spoilers: Nathan's Past Not 'Irrelevant', Greatest Fear To Be Revealed?


Haven fans may soon know much more about Nathan Wuornos' past.

The former Interim Police Chief is a homegrown Havenite, but there are pieces of his past that still remain a mystery to viewers. Fortunately, writer Brian Millikin recently revealed that the Syfy series is not done digging into Nathan's (Lucas Bryant) past.

"Nathan's past is definitely not irrelevant," Millikin assured anxious viewers on Thursday.

One thing that fans can hopefully look forward to learning in season 5 is what Nathan's greatest fear is. Back in season 2, Nathan, Audrey (Emily Rose), and Duke (Lucas Bryant) dealt with a troubled girl who manifested as a person's most terrifying fear when they looked at her. While Duke's fear was fairly obvious (a fear of the tattooed man who will kill him), viewers were not privy to what Nathan saw when he locked eyes with the troubled Jackie - only the look of terror on his face.

According to Millikin, the unnamed fear may make an appearance in an upcoming episode.

"I can't tell you what Nathan saw for my own fear that we might still reveal it on the show!" Millikin tweeted on Thursday. "But we do know the answer!"

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Eric Balfour Thinks Series Is Ending, Where Will Story Leave Audrey, Duke & Nathan?


Eric Balfour believes Haven's days are numbered, but the actor is confident that the series will not leave its main characters hanging.

As the Syfy program enters its supersized fifth season (26 episodes to be aired as essential two separate seasons), Duke (Balfour), Audrey (Emily Rose), and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) have developed bonds that have almost eclipsed the importance of the supernatural happenings of the little Maine town. It is these relationships that Balfour hopes will thrive during the upcoming season.

"These characters have grown so much and whatever the sci-fi genre of it has almost, in my opinion, become secondary to these relationships between the character," Balfour explained to Good Nerd Bad Nerd at the 2014 Saturn Awards. "So [the writers] are really trying to honor that and explore those relationships."

When the trio does put an end to the troubles, what sort of lives will our heroes be left to live (if they survive, that is)? That is something the series' writers are currently trying to work out.

"What we're doing with what I think is going to be the last two seasons of the show is we're really going to dive into the relationships of these characters and what their world's are going to be when this is all over," Balfour informed Good Nerd Bad Nerd.

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