Nathan & Audrey Moments S1

Episode 1
  • Nathan saves Audrey from going off a cliff.
  • Nathan tells Audrey he doesn't like lobster but he does like pancakes. Audrey says she likes his truck.
  • Audrey saves Nathan from being hit by a truck.
  • Audrey is very interested in Nathan's condition (or trouble) when he's being checked by Eleanor.
  • Audrey brings Nathan flowers after he was shot.

Episode 2
  • Nathan is surprised Audrey is still in town and she asks him if she can join him for his most recent case.
  • Nathan shares with Audrey the story of his prom night with the Reverend's daughter.
  • Nathan releases Audrey from the cocoon she was trapped in at her hotel room.
  • After the Reverend admits that the troubles are back, Audrey asks Nathan if he's okay. He seems a little upset but thanks her for asking.
  • Audrey tells Nathan the Chief offered her a job. Nathan tells her the story about his sledding accident, when he realized he couldn't feel anything.
  • Nathan thinks the troubles are back and is afraid they won't go away this time.
  • Audrey tells Nathan she wants to stick around and investigate more about the woman in the picture. 
  • Audrey asks him if he wants something to eat and Nathan suggests pancakes. Audrey agrees.

Episode 3
  • Nathan believes Audrey will stay in Haven so she can find out more about Lucy. He also thinks Audrey is in town because she likes the weirdness.
  • Audrey asks Duke to watch over Nathan so he doesn't hurt himself.
  • Nathan tells Audrey that maybe one day she could fix him.

Episode 4
  • Nathan gives Audrey several things as a present to make her feel "local". She thinks the gesture is very sweet.
  • Nathan and Audrey have dinner together while investigating why food suddenly gets rotten. When Duke sits at their table, he realizes he may be interrupting something and leaves.
  • Nathan admits it's going to take Audrey time to get used to Haven.
  • Audrey believes there are two Havens and tells Nathan she thinks he lives in between them. She then shows him she's wearing the boots he gave her and they smile at each other.

Episode 5
  • Audrey is surprised to Nathan's cute and adorable reaction when he's around babies.
  • Nathan seems kind of upset every time Audrey's cell phone rings and knows Duke is the one calling her.
  • When Duke asks Audrey if their dinner (date) is still on, she cuts him off with a yes so Nathan doesn't hear.
  • Audrey cancels her dinner with Duke to keep working on the case with Nathan.
  • Nathan and Audrey discuss their hobbies while arriving at a crime scene.
  • Audrey asks Nathan when he will get over hating Duke.
  • Audrey thinks Nathan is father-material.

Episode 6
  • Nathan is angry at Audrey after she upsets a possible and dangerous suspect while pushing him during interrogation.
  • Audrey thinks Nathan should smile more often after he tries to make a joke.
  • Audrey defends Nathan when the Chief thinks that Nathan should be stronger when dealing with the troubles since he will be the one taking over after he's gone.
  • Audrey is kind of intrigued during the moment Nathan and Jess meet.

Episode 7
  • Audrey makes fun of Nathan's awkwardness during Jess' visit at the police station.
  • Audrey asks Nathan why he likes varnishing pictures. He thinks she's probably making fun of him but all she wants is to get to know him better.

Episode 8
  • Audrey thanks Nathan for picking her up after her car broke down.
  • Nathan and Audrey talk about the few friends or lack of friends she has in Haven and Boston.
  • Audrey is worried about Nathan not wanting to go out on a date with Jess. He talks to her about his problem and she encourages him to go and give it a try.
  • While being on a very important date with Jess, Nathan's cell phone rings and Jess asks him not to answer it and when Nathan says he needs to see who it is, Jess says "it's always Audrey. He then leaves to save her from the Dark Man. She apologizes for interrupting his night but he doesn't seem to mind.
  • When Nathan is angry after Jess got hurt, Audrey stops him and orders him to give her his gun if he wants to go and talk to the next suspect.
  • Audrey feels sorry for Nathan after Jess leaves, and she tells him that she now has a friend and so does he. She kisses his cheek and he realizes he can feel her.

Episode 9
  • Audrey appreciates Nathan coming to her birthday party, knowing that he's not in the mood after Jess left him. She seems worried about him.
  • Audrey thanks Nathan for backing her up in front of everybody and he tells her that's what partners do.
  • Nathan appreciates Audrey asking how he feels after Jess left and she tells him that's what friends do.
  • Audrey tries to make the Chief see that Nathan does a good job as a detective and that he should compliment him more often.
  • Nathan is truly upset when he thinks Audrey might be dead and demands the shapeshifter tell him where she is.
  • After finding Audrey, Nathan encourages her to wake up and he cries in relief after she does.
  • Nathan and Audrey tell each other their embarrassing middle names.

Episode 10
  • Audrey asks Nathan if he wants coffee and she says it's on her. When she high-fives her hand with his, he feels her and watches her leave.
  • Nathan lets Audrey go investigate more about the photographer that was present the day The Colorado Kid died and tells her she doesn't need to be there 24/7.
  • Audrey is worried about Nathan acting weird. He tells her nothing is wrong.
  • At one of the crime scenes, Nathan tries to touch Audrey's hand. He then makes her shake his hand so he can feel her.
  • Nathan asks Duke if meeting a woman and being able to feel her touch is fate, but Duke mistakenly says that Jess "left him anyways". Nathan asks him to forget about it.
  • Nathan comforts Audrey after she deliberately kills a troubled person and stops him from hurting hundreds of people.

Episode 11
  • After Audrey quit playing poker and stands up to make a phone call, Duke asks her if she is calling "the wifey", meaning Nathan. Audrey laughs and just answers "that I do".
  • Nathan is worried about Audrey being trapped in Duke's boat. Even the Chief doesn't let him go out and do something for her, telling him he's "his partner, not his girlfriend" and his advice is to wait.
  • Nathan is glad Audrey didn't get hurt while being trapped and recognizes her tactic was interesting.

Episode 12
  • Nathan tells Audrey he's glad she stayed in Haven.

Episode 13
  • Nathan is concerned about Audrey and sends her home when she tells him she hasn't been getting enough sleep.
  • When the Chief asks Audrey to give him and Nathan a moment alone, Nathan says whatever he wants to tell him can be said in front of her.
  • When the Chief is nowhere to be found, Audrey pushes Nathan to think of a place where his father could be. When he insists on calling him "the Chief", Audrey tells him the Chief is his father and that a reason why he stayed in Haven is to work things out with him.
  • After the Chief "dies", Audrey tries to comfort Nathan but he is mad at her for not helping the Chief with his trouble like she had done with other troubled people. He asks her to go.
  • When Duke asks her Audrey to tell him what's bothering her, she says she can't do it because she has to tell Nathan first.
  • Nathan apologizes to Audrey for "shutting her out".
  • Nathan confesses to Audrey that he can feel her and she tells him that whatever his father was doing, it's his job now.
  • Audrey apologizes to Nathan too and confesses that he's the only person that she can absolutely trust. She also tells him what has been bothering her.

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