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5.12 Chemistry Recap

The morning after is never quite what you expect, especially when you are waking up next to Haven‘s resident psychotic evil queen. Mara wants to cuddle up with some pillow talk, but Duke is not in the mood. With his Mara sexcapades out of his system, Duke is ready to hunt for aether. Mara has come a long way in season five. Just a few episodes ago she was chained in Duke’s basement. Now he is giving Mara full range of his cabin while he takes a jaunt around the neighborhood.

While he is trying to track down the elusive black glue, Duke gets a distress call from Mara. He rushes back to the cabin, but Mara is gone and the place is a wreck. Duke catches a break (or so it seems) and finds some DNA from the kidnapper. Gloria manages to identify the DNA as Kirk, the oxygen-sucking man.

Dwight wants to give the rest of the aether to Charlotte for research, but of course it is not in the safe. Nathan assumes that Duke has it, but he quickly figures out that Kirk is the thief. Something fishy is definitely going on with this Kirk guy. There is no way a random minor character is so well connected.

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Christian On Haven & Working With Edge Again

WWE Superstar Christian recently talked to Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald to promote his appearance on Syfy’s Haven this Friday night.

Christian is co-starring with WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who has a regular role on the show; he will reprise the role for two episodes next year. You can read a few excerpts below:

Christian On Working With Edge Again:

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Promotional Photos: 5.12 Chemistry

5.12 Chemistry Sneak Peek

Happy Thanksgiving from Haven!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

William Shatner Joining Cast Of Haven; Will Have Pivotal Role In Series

William Shatner
Actor William Shatner will be joining the cast of SyFy's "Haven." Shatner, known for his roles in "Star Trek," "T.J. Hooker" and "Boston Legal," will appear in a four-episode arc, playing a character who will greatly impact the town of Haven, Maine.

A veteran in the television and film industry, Shatner is still a very busy actor. Most recently, he has appeared on "Hot in Cleveland," "Rookie Blue" and "Psych." The actor has been in talks to reprise his role of Captain Kirk for "Star Trek 3."

"There's talk — simply talk — about the next movie," Shatner said.

Shatner also stars in a new home renovation series "The Shatner Project," on DIY Network. The show is centered around Shatner and his wife's renovation of the Southern California home which Shatner bought 50 years ago.

In addition to those projects, he's still doing his commercials as well as designing a motorcycle, a clothing line and a comic book.

When asked about the possibility of retirement, here's what Shatner had to say:
"What does retiring mean?" he asked. "It means you want to step back from what you're doing and do something else that's more interesting. I'm in the middle of such a fertile, febrile fantasy that anybody would wish for what I'm doing."

Another guest star has been cast in an upcoming "Haven" episode, titled "Chemistry": WWE superstar Christian, real name Jay Reso. He will be appearing on the show as a recurring character. Reso was the tag-team partner of "Haven" actor Adam Copeland, a former WWE wrestler who went by the name of Edge. Copeland portrays the character of Dwight in the SyFy series.

Reso will portray McHugh, one of Dwight's oldest friends and former military buddies, who has been living under the radar. Dwight goes to him for romantic advice concerning Dr. Cross, and he also asks for McHugh's help in saving the town of Haven.

The episode "Chemistry" airs Friday, Nov. 28, at 7 p.m. on SyFy.

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Season 5 Part 1 Finale Date Set

First part of Season 5 will air on December 5, 2014.

Mark your calendars!

Haven Origins: Native Breaks

Eric Balfour: Gonna Escape the Cold this Weekend

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Parker's Important Note to Nathan

Spoilers: Mara And Duke Growing Closer?

(Photo : SyFy) Mara and Duke may grow closer in the next episode.
In the last episode, Duke released Mara from imprisonment so that they could team up together and save the town. Also, it was discovered that Dr. Cross is not actually with the Center for Disease Control.

In the next episode, Duke and Mara will be forced to receive help from dangerous allies. They also appear to be growing closer based on promotional photos released. However, Duke is seen in the promo saying, "I knew I couldn't trust you," implying that Mara may possibly betray him. 

The video shows Cross giving Audrey a shot. This is troubling now that we know Dr. Cross isn't who she says she is. She may not even be a real doctor for all we know. When are the people of Haven going to confront her?

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And Eric Balfour Will Be Tweeting Live!

5.11 Reflections Sneak Peek

5.10 Mortality Recap

With just two more episodes until the midseason finale, Haven is securely in plot-setup land. As has been the case in every season of Haven, it’s a struggle to get through these last few episodes before the eventual finale payoff.

“Mortality” lacked the quirk and charm of Haven, instead drilling information into our faces that will inevitably solve all of the troubles in the next three weeks. But fans of Haven know that whatever is in store for us at the end of this season will make tedious episodes like “Mortality” worth it, so we carry on.

The town is terrified of the trouble-targeting contagion and is still firmly in quarantine. Rebecca and Stan are fiercely guarding the only exit out of town. Well, Rebecca is guarding it fiercely; Stan is taking bribes. Audrey tries to get out of Haven, but she is stopped. Luckily, Nathan pulls up and is able to talk Audrey’s way through the barricade. That man could talk his way out of anything. It’s the way he walks. Nathan Wuornos melts even the coldest hearts.

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Review: 5.10 Mortality

There better be a big shade of gray moment coming up.

On Haven Season 5 Episode 10 Dwight decided to share with Charlotte the mystery of the Troubles. His motive was pure in doing so, with the belief that a potential DNA marker (that Pete didn't dispel) could mean the end to the Troubles.

Discovering Charlotte is not who she said she was took the wind out of the sails what could have been an interesting plot and a potential happy series ending.

It's no wonder Havenites are suspicious of everyone all the time. The thing is, I don't buy it. It is completely unrealistic that every single person who learns of the Troubles is on the side of evil or in it for personal gain.

What we know is Charlotte is not with the CDC. The pesky previews appeal to the evil in her with Vince's anger that Dwight dared to confide in an outsider. A silver lining could still be uncovered. She may not be from the CDC, but also not out to harm anyone and truly interested in finding out why Haven is plagued with Troubles, as well as creating a means to cure them.

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Ratings: Mortality

Small increase versus last week episode:

Adults 18-49: 0.22
Viewers: 863,000

Source: TV by the Numbers

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Shawn Piller: Nathan finally got a House!

Shawn Piller: #haven5 Nathan finally got a House!

It's Haven Night!

Don't miss episode 10 "Mortality"! And head to Twitter, chat with the Haven world with the hashtag #Haven5 and have lots of fun!

It's Haven Night, Canada!

Good morning my Canadian friends!

Tonight, a new episode airs at 10pm ET on Showcase; it's episode 9 "Morbidity".

I hear a big teddy bear shows up.

Don't miss it!

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Promotional Photos: 5.10 Mortality

Review: 5.09 Morbidity

Haven Season 5 Episode 9 Morbitidy (3)

The CDC is in Haven and ready to cause some serious trouble for the locals. Dr. Cross is suspicious of everything and convinced that Haven is on the verge of a massive viral outbreak. Nathan, Audrey and Dwight try desperately to keep her from encountering the Troubles, but things get out of hand. There’s only so much you can do to hide a creepy bear costume whose inhabitant alternates between invisible and a mutilated zombie.

I am not super in love with the CDC story. It seems like they could find someone with a memory Trouble and send Dr. Cross packing. They could even just lock her up with Mara rather than let her “call in the tanks.” Let’s be honest, the Guard could just off her. At the beginning of the episode, I was hoping that we were going to dig into Dave’s leg and dream, but instead we got tangled up in Contagion. Dr. Cross is also kind of irritating, and I’m not so interested in having her stick around to be Dwight’s love interest.

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Haven Origins: Native

5.10 Mortality Promo

Episode 9 Recap: Were The Town's Secrets Revealed? (Spoilers)

SyFy's 'Haven'
In Episode 9, titled "Morbidity," numerous residents of Haven fell ill. They all had one common factor, though, and that was the Trouble.

The Center for Disease Control sent Dr. Charlotte Cross to check things out around Haven. The recent hoard of sick people in the town had her and the CDC suspicious of an outbreak.

The residents of Haven realized that having scientists sniffing around could lead to outsiders finding out about the Trouble, which could have unfavorable consequences.
Besides the illness, Haven had a problem with a dancing bear in this episode. What seemed to be a jokester wearing a bear costume, ended up being a lot more frightening.

Audrey and Nathan showed up and told the costumed weirdo to move it along, but he danced and danced without ceasing, giving no response to the officers.

This mysterious costumed entity finally removed the head of the costume, revealing the dreadful sight of a pale, corpse-like man with a huge chunk of his head missing. Even for the residents of Haven — who are used to this level of creepy — this is a bit much. It's understandable that many of the townspeople ran off, screaming.

More bears popped up on every corner shortly thereafter, with the same terrifying face lurking beneath. Audrey and Nathan were determined to get to the bottom of things.

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5.10 Mortality Episode Synopsis

Duke’s roiling troubles and a new threat to Audrey force them each to seek the help of potentially dangerous allies.

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It's Haven Night!

Hello US!

It's finally Friday and Haven airs with an new episode, "Morbidity" airs on Syfy at 7/6C.

Please let's go to Twitter and join the Haven frenzy, using the hashtag #Haven5 and getting along with other Haven fans. Find out how much fun it is.

And those who are Nielsen... watch live!

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5.09 Morbidity Promo

Spoilers: Town Of Haven Under Quarantine?

WARNING: This post contains spoilers

The town of Haven, Maine, is a refuge for people with supernatural powers.
In the last episode "Exposure," which aired on Halloween, Duke and Audrey are left to strategize about how to get Nathan back from another dimension and Duke reluctantly makes the decision to call the Darkside Seekers, Haven's resident ghost hunters.

Duke is forced to ask Mara for help. He reveals the challenges he's faced with his mother in order to get Mara to assist. She does, allowing them in figure out how the Trouble works.

In the next episode, titled "Morbidity," Audrey and other dozens of other residents of Haven are overcome by a mysterious illness, and the symptoms threaten to expose truth about the Troubles to the outside world as well as a dangerous newcomer.
The town of Haven might be placed under quarantine, causing some residents to fear being "locked up in cages like lab rats."

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Emily Rose: Wanted to Do this For a While?

EmilyRoseLA: Oh... I guess I have wanted to do this for a while?.... #tbt #backtoones

Promotional Photos - 5.09 Morbidity

It's Haven Night, Canada!

Good morning my Canadian friends!

Tonight, a new episode airs at 10pm ET on Showcase; it's episode 8 "Exposure".

Don't you miss it!

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Recap: 5.07 Nowhere Man (Spoilers)

Guest Star Christian Talks About Haven

Cole brought up Edge and Syfy's Haven. The show producers thought it would be great if Edge and Christian appear on the show together. Christian called it a great experience. He said WWE fans who watch the show will gravitate to their same chemistry that they had in WWE. The episode airs November 28th.

Source: Wrestling Inc.

Season 5 Premieres Tonight, Latin America!

¡Hola amigos!

Esta noche se estrena la temporada 5 de Haven con el episodio "See No Evil", a las 8pm/11pm en México y Argentina.

No se lo vayan a perder.

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It's Haven Night, UK!

Good morning UK fans!

Tonight on Syfy, you'll be able to watch episode 8 "Exposure" at 9pm.


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Ratings: Exposure

A little more viewers than last Friday, demo is still the same.

18-49 Adults: 0.19
Viewers: 847,000

Source: TV by the Numbers

Review: 5.08 Exposure (Spoilers)

One half of the Darkside Seekers, Seth Byrne, formerly seen in Haven Season 4 Episode 11, stopped by Haven Season 5 Episode 8.

I'll be honest. I don't remember him. Now? He was a breath of fresh air. If the quote didn't belong to Duke, the witty remark was coming out of Seth's mouth. What a difference a year makes. I likely still had so much hope for everyone that I didn't take note of Seth. Sorry Seth, you rocked it tonight.

Mousy Audrey had to come out of her funk to solve a Trouble on her own in order to save Nathan. That's something Seth has some experience with since he was once a duo and now on his own. He had the pep and vigor required to launch Audrey out of the chair.

Together they made gizmos and looked beyond the Trouble to the people (as Seth so eloquently put it) so that they could discover how a Trouble truly started. They didn't get it right, necessarily, but close enough to play ball.

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Haven: Smile for the Camera

Only in Haven can there be a trouble that involves a camera that does not record the smiles of its victims, but their last moment as a corporeal entity. In other words, the last impression the objects in the lens leave is a Peter Pan type shadow or, as Nathan, Audrey, Duke and Mara believe, a nuclear blast ashprint. It turns out that all four are wrong about what the shadow signifies although, Mara probably had a pretty good idea, especially since she is the one who helps to solve the riddle of where the trouble originated. While that may not be too much of an imaginative stretch, she did, after all, pass out the original troubles in Haven years ago, and it should be remembered that Mara has been around for a long, long time.
Haven this week features one of the busier episodes in terms of multiple plot threads and it even features a few excellent references to Stephen King’s world of fiction. According to SyFy on their Haven site, two characters are alluded to in the show, Dr. Reynolds is a nod to Susan Reynolds in King’s follow up book to The Shining, Dr. Sleep, and the further adventures of Danny Torrence and character number two is Reginald “Pop” Merrill. The owner/operator of Castle Rock’s The Emporium Galorium is a fan favorite and the writer has brought Merrill, “out of retirement” so to speak several times, one of these times is in the short story that this episode of Haven uses as a plot device.

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5.09 Morbidity Sneak Peek

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Estreno de la Temporada 5 en Latinoamérica Noviembre 5

¡Hola Latinoamérica!

La temporada 5 de Haven se estrena el próximo de 5 Noviembre de Latinoamérica, a las 8pm México, 11pm Argentina.

No se la pierdan :)