Saturday, November 08, 2014

Episode 9 Recap: Were The Town's Secrets Revealed? (Spoilers)

SyFy's 'Haven'
In Episode 9, titled "Morbidity," numerous residents of Haven fell ill. They all had one common factor, though, and that was the Trouble.

The Center for Disease Control sent Dr. Charlotte Cross to check things out around Haven. The recent hoard of sick people in the town had her and the CDC suspicious of an outbreak.

The residents of Haven realized that having scientists sniffing around could lead to outsiders finding out about the Trouble, which could have unfavorable consequences.
Besides the illness, Haven had a problem with a dancing bear in this episode. What seemed to be a jokester wearing a bear costume, ended up being a lot more frightening.

Audrey and Nathan showed up and told the costumed weirdo to move it along, but he danced and danced without ceasing, giving no response to the officers.

This mysterious costumed entity finally removed the head of the costume, revealing the dreadful sight of a pale, corpse-like man with a huge chunk of his head missing. Even for the residents of Haven — who are used to this level of creepy — this is a bit much. It's understandable that many of the townspeople ran off, screaming.

More bears popped up on every corner shortly thereafter, with the same terrifying face lurking beneath. Audrey and Nathan were determined to get to the bottom of things.

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