Monday, November 03, 2014

Review: 5.08 Exposure (Spoilers)

One half of the Darkside Seekers, Seth Byrne, formerly seen in Haven Season 4 Episode 11, stopped by Haven Season 5 Episode 8.

I'll be honest. I don't remember him. Now? He was a breath of fresh air. If the quote didn't belong to Duke, the witty remark was coming out of Seth's mouth. What a difference a year makes. I likely still had so much hope for everyone that I didn't take note of Seth. Sorry Seth, you rocked it tonight.

Mousy Audrey had to come out of her funk to solve a Trouble on her own in order to save Nathan. That's something Seth has some experience with since he was once a duo and now on his own. He had the pep and vigor required to launch Audrey out of the chair.

Together they made gizmos and looked beyond the Trouble to the people (as Seth so eloquently put it) so that they could discover how a Trouble truly started. They didn't get it right, necessarily, but close enough to play ball.

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