Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review: 5.10 Mortality

There better be a big shade of gray moment coming up.

On Haven Season 5 Episode 10 Dwight decided to share with Charlotte the mystery of the Troubles. His motive was pure in doing so, with the belief that a potential DNA marker (that Pete didn't dispel) could mean the end to the Troubles.

Discovering Charlotte is not who she said she was took the wind out of the sails what could have been an interesting plot and a potential happy series ending.

It's no wonder Havenites are suspicious of everyone all the time. The thing is, I don't buy it. It is completely unrealistic that every single person who learns of the Troubles is on the side of evil or in it for personal gain.

What we know is Charlotte is not with the CDC. The pesky previews appeal to the evil in her with Vince's anger that Dwight dared to confide in an outsider. A silver lining could still be uncovered. She may not be from the CDC, but also not out to harm anyone and truly interested in finding out why Haven is plagued with Troubles, as well as creating a means to cure them.

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