Monday, November 03, 2014

Haven: Smile for the Camera

Only in Haven can there be a trouble that involves a camera that does not record the smiles of its victims, but their last moment as a corporeal entity. In other words, the last impression the objects in the lens leave is a Peter Pan type shadow or, as Nathan, Audrey, Duke and Mara believe, a nuclear blast ashprint. It turns out that all four are wrong about what the shadow signifies although, Mara probably had a pretty good idea, especially since she is the one who helps to solve the riddle of where the trouble originated. While that may not be too much of an imaginative stretch, she did, after all, pass out the original troubles in Haven years ago, and it should be remembered that Mara has been around for a long, long time.
Haven this week features one of the busier episodes in terms of multiple plot threads and it even features a few excellent references to Stephen King’s world of fiction. According to SyFy on their Haven site, two characters are alluded to in the show, Dr. Reynolds is a nod to Susan Reynolds in King’s follow up book to The Shining, Dr. Sleep, and the further adventures of Danny Torrence and character number two is Reginald “Pop” Merrill. The owner/operator of Castle Rock’s The Emporium Galorium is a fan favorite and the writer has brought Merrill, “out of retirement” so to speak several times, one of these times is in the short story that this episode of Haven uses as a plot device.

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