Nathan & Audrey Moments S2

Episode 1:
  • Nathan reassures Audrey that nothing is wrong with her now that the other Audrey showing up.
  • Audrey is concerned that Nathan won’t talk about his father’s death.
  • Audrey is concerned about the plagues manifesting because one of them is the death of the first born. Nathan is the first male born of his family.
  • Nathan makes Audrey promise that she will take of the Chief.
  • And then Audrey makes Nathan laugh by telling him she won’t waste a perfectly good cooler at the Chief’s burial.

Episode 2:
  • After Nathan mentions he hates public speaking, Audrey teases him saying she now knows why.
  • Nathan makes fun of Audrey for being scared of clowns.
  • Nathan tells Audrey that the first time he had felt something in years was when she kissed him on the cheek.
  • Audrey believes Nathan did something very nice by letting Jackie get rid of her trouble instead of him.
  • Audrey takes Nathan’s hand while having dinner. And Nathan can still feel her.

Episode 3:
  • Audrey urges Nathan to go to a hospital when she realizes there are nails on his back.
  • Nathan reassures Audrey that she helps a lot of people in Haven and that they will figure our what she’s there for.

Episode 3: 

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