What Happened in Season 1

WARNING! Spoilers ahead...

Episode 1 - Welcome to Haven
Case: Investigation of the murder of Jonas Lester
Trouble of the Week: Marion Caldwell's feelings affected the weather.
What we learned:    
  • FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent to Haven by his superior, Agent Howard, to investigate the murder of Jonas Lester.
  • Audrey meets local Detective Nathan Wuornos when he saves her from falling off a cliff. 
  • The town's Chief, Garland Wuornos, is Nathan's father. 
  • It is revealed that Nathan suffers from lack of pain.
  • Audrey meets the Teagues brothers, Dave and Vince, who tell her that she looks a lot like a woman that appears in the picture taken on the day the Colorado kid was found dead.
  • Audrey meets Duke Crocker, a local smuggler who has a bad relationship with Nathan. 
  • The first of many cracks appear on a paved road.
  • Nathan tells Audrey that his father was a cop during the Colorado kid murder. 
  • Nathan wonders if the look-alike woman in the picture is related to Audrey, since she’s an orphan.
  • Agent Howard tells someone over the phone that Audrey is staying in Haven and maybe she can help with the troubles. 
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Episode 2 – Butterfly
Case: Investigation of several unexplained incidents in different areas of Haven.
Trouble of the Week: Bobby’s dreams became true when he fell asleep.
What we learned:
  • Nathan likes pancakes.
  • Audrey considers the job offer at the Haven PD in exchange for information about the woman in the photo.
  • Nathan and Hanna went to the prom together.
  • Nathan tells Audrey about the time he realized he was “troubled”. He’s afraid the troubles are back and they won’t go away this time.
  • The troubles began around the time the Colorado Kid was murdered: February 1983.

Episode 3 – Harmony
Case: Mentally ill patients at a psychiatric hospital suddenly recover, while healthy patients become psychotic.
Trouble of the Week: Ray McBreen’s music cured mentally ill patients.
  • Duke tells Nathan that Audrey doesn’t know he’s not a real boy.
  • Nathan is affected by the music and Duke watches over him.
  • Nathan thinks that Audrey might “fix” him some day.

Episode 4 – Consumed
Case: Food goes rotten at different places in Haven without explanation.
Trouble of the Week: Everything Bill McShaw eats, rots when he gets upset or angry.
What we learned:  
  • Nathan gives Audrey some presents to help her feel local.
  • Audrey asks the Teagues brothers advice to find the perfect dress for a restaurant opening. 
  • After telling her she looks nice, Duke admits to Audrey that it’s a shame she’s a cop.

Episode 5 – Ball and Chain
Case: Investigation of men who died of old age when all the records indicated they were still very young.
Trouble of the Week: Beatrice Mitchell has the ability of turning into a different young woman, seduce young men and give birth to their children, all in three days.
What we learned:
  • Nathan and Audrey first spot the tattoo with the shape of a maze in one of the victims of this case.
  • Nathan has a thing for babies. He loves them (and Audrey seems to like it). 
  • When Audrey cancels her dinner with Duke, he sleeps with Elena and become one of his victims. 
  • Duke becomes a father of a daughter, from the night he spent with Elena. The baby is taken away from Haven because having her close to Duke ages him.

Episode 6 – Fur
Case: Investigation of the killings of several people by wild animals.
Trouble of the Week: Piper Landon could turn stuffed animals and people into live beings.
What we learned:
  • Nathan and Audrey meet Jess Minion for the first time. 
  • Nathan and Jess start dating. 
  • The Chief tells Audrey he wishes some of her ability will rub off on Nathan.
Episode 7 – Sketchy
Case: Investigation of the strange wounds and killings of several men in Haven.
Trouble of the Week: When Vickie’s drawings are touched or crumpled, it can be lethal to those people or objects that appear in them.
What we learned:
  • Nathan does decoupage. And Audrey is amused by it. 
  • Audrey encourages Nathan to talk to her about anything. 
  • Duke helps Nathan and Audrey solve this case.

Episode 8 – Ain’t No Sunshine
Case: A dark shadow has killed two people.
Trouble of the Week: Thornton Aarons’s pain and rage caused his shadow to leave his body and kill those who had hurt him or his beloved ones.
What we learned:
  • Nathan realizes that Audrey has no friends.
  • Audrey has a hard time remembering names and details of people she usually works with.
  • Nathan confesses to Audrey that since he can’t feel anything, he’s not sure he can have a physical relationship with Jess.
  • Jess is attacked by the dark shadow.
  • Jess breaks up with Nathan because she believes the troubles have a way of finding him. She leaves Haven and moves to Montreal.
  • Nathan realizes that, even when he can’t feel anybody or anything, he can feel Audrey’s touch when she kisses him on the cheek.

Episode 9 – As You Were
Case: A shape shifter has taken the body of one of the guests at Audrey’s surprise birthday party.
Trouble of the Week: A shape shifter is an entity that takes the body and soul of a person, impersonating him.
What we learned:
  • Nathan is having a hard time getting over Jess Minion and Audrey notices. 
  • We meet Julia Carr, Eleanor’s daughter, for the first time. 
  • Vaughn Carpenter tells Audrey that she looks like a woman called Lucy Ripley, whom he met a long time ago. 
  • Audrey’s birthday presents: Misery Unchained book, signed by the author (Vince); a pair of shoes and a blue dress (Dave); a pair of earrings (Eleanor); a blue cashmere scarf (Nathan) and a necklace with the initials ‘LR’ – that belonged to Lucy Ripley (Duke). 
  • Audrey asks the Chief to be more supportive to Nathan. The Chief believes that Nathan has to be strong because he will be the one to succeed him when he’s gone. 
  • Eleanor dies when falling down the stairs after seeing the shape shifter. 
  • Another crack appears in one of the walls of the hotel. 
  • Nathan realizes the shape shifter has taken Audrey’s body when, after kissing her on the lips, he can’t feel her. 
  • The shape shifter reveals that he didn’t kill Audrey because he thought she could help him. 
  • Nathan tells the Chief he has no interest in being like him. 
  • Nathan and Audrey reveal each other their middle names: Thaddeus and Prudence. 
  • Duke tells Audrey he’s the boy holding the hand of Lucy Ripley in the picture.

Episode 10 – The Hand You’re Dealt
Case: Nathan and Audrey help Vanessa try to prevent people from dying.
Trouble of the Week: Vanessa, Duke’s babysitter once, has a way of seeing the last thing a person will see just before dying.
What we learned:
  • Duke reveals he doesn’t remember anything from the day the Colorado kid was found murdered.
  • Vanessa, once Duke’s babysitter, also appears in the same picture with Lucy Ripley and Duke.
  • Julia tells Audrey that her mother worked the Colorado kid case.
  • Julia admits that the bizarre deaths are the reason she left Haven.
  • Nathan struggles with the need of touching Audrey.
  • When talking about fate, Duke wrongfully believes the person Nathan is talking about is Jess.
  • Audrey blames herself for everything that happened during this case.
  • Vanessa tells Duke that he will die in the hands of a man that has a tattoo with the shape of a maze.

Episode 11 – The Trial of Audrey Parker
Case: Duke, Julia, Audrey and Agent Howard, locked inside Duke’s boat, are abducted by two con men who want something that Duke has…
Trouble of the Week: Two men can predict people’s thoughts before they think them.
What we learned:
  • Agent Howard comes back to Haven looking for Audrey.
  • The Chief wants to rekindle with Nathan by having dinner with him but Nathan refuses.
  • It is revealed that Audrey hasn’t been reporting anything to Agent Howard.
  • Nathan accuses the Chief of knowing that the Troubles were coming back.
  • Nathan admits that he was in denial about his affliction and wonders why the Chief never supported him.
  • Another crack appears in Duke’s boat.
  • When Agent Howard asks Audrey why she should stay in Haven, she tells him that the answers she’s looking for are there. She hands over her badge and gun and quits the FBI.
  • Agent Howard meets with the Chief and informs him of Audrey’s decision. He also tells him to get Haven under control.

Episode 12 – Resurfacing
Case: Nathan and Audrey investigate the disappearance of a family member and his family’s Troubles.
Trouble of the Week: James Garrick moves so fast he’s invisible and he accelerates everything he touches.
What we learned:
  • Nathan is glad Audrey quit the FBI to stay in Haven. 
  • It is revealed that Duke used to stick tacks on Nathan’s back in elementary school. 
  • James Garrick’s wife tells Audrey that a woman named Lucy Ripley used to help her husband with his affliction back in 1983. 
  • James tells Audrey that the first time he had a seizure Lucy was with him, and a shattered glass cut Lucy’s foot. 
  • Nathan agrees to help Duke catch a counterfeiter so he can get some information about James Garrick’s case. 
  • It seems that Duke and Nathan’s relationship is changing for the better. 
  • Audrey realizes that she has a scar on her foot.

Episode 13 – Spiral
Case: An ex-con related to Nathan comes back to Haven. The cracks are more frequent and have caused several damages.
Trouble of the Week: Max Hansen suffers from lack of pain just as Nathan. Chief Wuornos’ stress causes cracks in objects or places around him.
What we learned:
  • Max Hansen is an ex-convict who knows Chief Wuornos and the Teagues.
  • Max visits Duke and he realizes Max has the maze tattoo. 
  • The Chief is not Nathan’s biological father. Max is. 
  • The Chief adopted Nathan when he was just a kid after Max was put in jail. 
  • More cracks appear around Haven. The Chief is the one causing them. His stress is the reason. 
  • Julia takes Duke to a graveyard. There, he sees the maze tattoo engraved on several tombs. 
  • Max Hansen is killed by one of the cracks. 
  • Julia has the maze tattoo. It comes and goes. 
  • In the Chief’s final moments, Nathan demands Audrey to help the Chief with his trouble, but there’s nothing she can do. Nathan gets mad at her because of this. 
  • The Chief tells Audrey that not everybody is happy she's in Haven.
  • The Chief may not be dead after all: His “remains” move inside the box… 
  • Reverend Driscoll comes back and tells Nathan he wants to “be chief”. 
  • Nathan confesses to Audrey that he can feel her. 
  • Audrey tells Nathan she believes she’s Lucy Ripley. 
  • An FBI meets Nathan and Audrey and has come to Haven looking for Audrey Parker. Her name: Audrey Parker.