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Lucas Bryant: So Full of Love and Gratitude

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lucas Bryant: What a Joy to Shoot Ep 3 with Emily Rose

Eric Balfour Live Tweeting Next Friday

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Haven Origins: Episode 2

Lucas Bryant directing Emily Rose

Band Name Suggesstions?

Shawn Piller: Police Station in the Works

shawn piller
#haven5 police station in the works... Done for 518 and 519

Promotional Photos - 5.04 Much Ado About Mara

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5.04 Much Ado About Mara Sneak Peek

Ratings: Spotlight

Poor ratings for Haven for episode 3: only 0.19 in the 18-49 adult rating and 849,000 viewers.

I am sure it was affected by the premieres of Bones, Scandal and other fall shows; let's see how it does next week.

Keep watching people!

Source: TV by the Numbers

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It's Haven Night!

Hello US & Canada!!!

It's Haven night, which means you don't have anything to do but stay home and watch the show :)

An all new Haven episode tonight; episode 3 "Spotlight" airs at 8/7C in the US and at 10ET/PT in Canada, on Syfy and Showcase respectively.

Join us on Twitter using the hashtag #Haven5.

See you there!

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It's Haven Night, UK!

Good morning UK fans!

All new Haven tonight, episode 2 "Speak No Evil" airs on Syfy at 9pm.

Don't miss it! And tweet live with the hashtag #Haven5.

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5.03 Spotlight Sneak Peek

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ratings: Speak No Evil

Ratings were up a tick for last Thursday's episode:

Adult 18-49 Rating: 0.3
Viewers: 1.018 million

I know there's a lot of competition because of the fall shows but we have to watch live! And let Syfy know, Twitter is a good way. It could make a difference.

Thanks for watching!

Source: TV by the Numbers

5.03 Spotlight Sneak Peek

Thought on See No Evil

Thank God Haven is back. With my favorite summer cable shows gone or almost gone (Drop Dead Diva, White Collar), this show is entertainment. At least for two more (falls) years.

First of all, and before we go into the bad side of the troubles, it was a good move from the writers to see a troubled person do something nice with his trouble. Vicky, who’s the new intern in the morgue, calms down the baby in sort of a fantastic way, I can only think if it was that easy… to stop a baby from crying. Without a trouble.

Now the bad stuff. What’s up with Mara? I know she is pretty upset because William is trapped (and obviously not coming back?) so she starts shooting and killing people. But the question here is, why did she and William created the Troubles in the first place? What is it some kind of pact they did or an act of revenge because they were separated in another life? Why can Mara come back/travel in time and be somebody else? Agent Howard told Audrey the barn is like her punishment, but if Mara created the Troubles, then I assume her punishment is to contain them by sacrificing herself? She has to recharge herself with love because she was evil in the beginning? Maybe the Haven Origins will answer my questions soon. Which by the way, I think it’s a fantastic idea, to do something on the side, online and short. Nice move Syfy.

I complained about Nathan last season, because he looked like the weak boy in love who only wanted Audrey back. This time, he still wants Audrey back, but he looks stronger, determined and I was very happy to see him take control of the situation.

I wonder who is keeping those “doors” blocked. Could it be Dave?

I still have in mind the “Love Conquers All” phrase found in that box Duke found. Could it be possible that love could keep Mara away, considering what happened in the last scene between her and Nathan?
Speaking of love, I was heartbroken to see Duke desperately looking for Jennifer. We know she is not coming back, so I assume she is dead. But I don’t want to see when he finds out.

This was actually the first time my jaw dropped when I saw the end. I was so into it that I didn’t feel the 39-40 minutes.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Haven Night!

Hello US & Canada fans!

An new episode airs tonight; episode 2 "Speak No Evil" airs at 8/7c on Syfy and at 10pm ET on Showcase!

Join us on Twitter with the hashtag #Haven5, I am sure we will have a lot of fun.

See you there!

Season 5 Premieres in Canada!

Hello Canadian fans!!!

Season 5 premieres tonight! You will have a 2-Hour Premiere at 9ET/PT on Showcase.

Get comfortable!

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Haven Fans Trek to Chester

Haven stars Lucas Bryant, right, Emily Rose and camera operator Andrew Stretch perform for fans at a fundraising event in Chester on Saturday. (MICHAEL TOMPKINS)

If the folks who track tourism numbers in the Chester area have noticed an uptick this summer, they may want to send a thank-you card to the television series Haven.

While the supernatural show has been on the radar of fans for a while, this was the year many decided to trek to the town that serves as the primary setting for a fictional town in Maine where really bad things often happen to its quirky inhabitants.

“It’s something that’s been very unique to this season,” says series star Emily Rose. “There had been a huge response at the fan events, the Comic-Cons, and other things they send us to. But what we've never had in this quantity is people saving their money and flying out to Nova Scotia, and coming specifically to Chester, and showing up on our set to watch us film.”

Rose, who plays Audrey Parker, a transplanted FBI agent-turned town cop, said folks from across North America and as far away as Monaco, Italy, Germany and Belgium have made the pilgrimage to the South Shore to see the real location for themselves.

Keep reading at the Chronic Herald

5.04, 5.05, & 5.06 Titles & Synopsis (Spoilers)

Episode 5.04 – Much Ado About Mara
With Dwight now leading The Guard, he and Nathan come to a crossroads over what to do about Mara. Dwight wants her to end the troubles-at any cost-but Nathan is convinced that Audrey’s still in there.

Episode 5.05 – The Old Switcheroo Pt 1
Vince and Dave journey to North Carolina to investigate the mysteries of Dave’s past, but their probing unearths a body swapping trouble that hamstrings their hunt-and affects our people back in Haven.

Episode 5.06 – The Old Switcheroo Pt 2
Mara capitalises on the fallout from the latest trouble, forcing Nathan and Duke to make a desperate and dangerous gamble to get Audrey back before they lose her forever.

Source: Syfy Haven

It's Your Turn UK! Season 5 Premieres Tonight

Hello UK fans!

Season 5 Premiere, "See No Evil" premieres tonight on Syfy UK at 9pm.

Don't miss it!

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Exclusive interview with Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland

I was recently in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a fundraiser weekend and some sightseeing with the family…I had the fortune on the way home to make a short stop in nearby Chester – the seaside town which plays host to the production of Syfy’s Haven, standing in for the fictional Maine town.

Haven is in the midst of an interesting period of production. They recently received a “double order” for episodes for the fifth season, a total of 26 episodes. So while they’d normally be getting ready to wrap up production for the season, they are actually just a bit past the first half of a filming schedule that will take them through most of December, block shooting two episodes at a time. 

Because of the timing, we were unable to take any photographs of the sets – never know when you might accidentally photograph a spoiler! We did get one picture of the family with a couple people you might recognize…

Keep reading at Sci-Fi Storm

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Promotional Photos - 5.03 Spotlight

5.01 See No Evil Recap (Spoilers)

Welcome back to Haven, Maine, where the winters are cold and the lighthouse is weaker than Stars Hollow’s Old Muddy River Bridge. Haven season 5 starts seconds after the cave collapse at the end of season 4, making the five-month wait since the last season finale frustratingly exhilarating.

Gloria (Jayne Eastwood) and Vicki (Molly Dunsworth) are unaware of the cave debacle and are enjoying a chill Maine morning with baby Aaron in the gazebo. Starting the season off with Gloria is a pleasantly perfect surprise. She was a breakout fan favorite last season, and truly encompasses the Haven mentality. The town of Haven is really the main character of the series, and no one can introduce the feel of community and quirkiness to Haven newbies better than Gloria.

Keep reading at Entertainment Weekly

Friday, September 12, 2014

Haven Origins Episode 1: Witches

Ratings: See No Evil

Not very good news for the show: the new time slot gave Haven very bad numbers in my opinion:

18-49 Adults: 0.2
Viewers: 1.044 million

Now, I really don't care about these numbers, because the fans have proved that this show is being watched in the US live and in many countries.

All I recommend is keep watching the show and let Syfy know!

Source: TV by the Numbers

5.02 Speak No Evil Promo

Thursday, September 11, 2014

‘Haven’ Showrunners Preview Season 5's ‘Fight’ for Audrey's Soul, Tease Colorado Kid's Return

'Haven' Showrunners Preview Season 5's 'Fight' for Audrey's Soul, Tease Colorado Kid's Return
Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton told TheWrap what fans can expect from the upcoming season of the Syfy series

Season 4 of Syfy's “Haven” left off with the show's protagonist apparently turned into a major new antagonist with the upcoming fifth season, not surprisingly, focusing primarily on how to get her back.
“The heart and soul of ‘Haven’ is Audrey Parker,” the show's executive producer Gabrielle Stanton told TheWrap.

But Audrey (Emily Rose) is a bit lost as Season 5 opens with her as a new incarnation who calls herself Mara. At the end of Season 4, Colin Ferguson's character William was banished to another dimension through a portal in the town's lighthouse — though not before bringing Mara out from somewhere deep inside Audrey.

“William has unfortunately achieved his season-long goal of bringing out Mara from inside Audrey,” executive producer Matt McGuinness recapped the last finale. “So, the first 13 episodes of season 5 are really going to be about… Audrey is now Mara, and how can we get Audrey back?”
Nobody is more concerned with getting Audrey back more than Nathan (Lucas Bryant), who has become increasingly focused on saving the woman he loves from everything from supernatural barns to alternate dimensions to her own sordid history. Getting Audrey back is “Nathan's goal most of all since they love each other,” said Stanton. “But it's everyone's goal.”

And since it's a love for Audrey that's motivating everyone's desire to bring her back, there will be bigger implications as time goes on. “Getting Audrey back is crucial to saving the town,” McGuinness hinted.
“We're always asking who is Audrey Parker? What is Audrey Parker? Why is Audrey Parker?” said Stanton. “We asked that question in the pilot episode, really. We've met her past incarnations – Sarah, Lucy, Lexie, and now we're getting to know Mara, but it's really the journey of Audrey Parker. Season 5 we've been saying has kind of been the fight for the soul of Audrey Parker. By the end of the first 13 episodes, we're really going to resolve that in a huge way.”

Keep reading at The Wrap

Interview w/ Emily & Lucas + Lucas Getting Ready for Directorial Debut

What has it been like working with the new relationship between Mara and Nathan?
LUCAS: First of all, Emily Rose, who is sitting next to me is incredible this season, as always, but exceptionally so in the role of Mara. It is a total treat to watch her get to play with her, except for the fact that she kicks my ass all over town. So that’s a new development.
EMILY: (Laughs) That’s a new development! I didn’t ever do that as Audrey? I think I did that as Audrey too.
LUCAS: (Laughs) In less physical ways.
EMILY: Oh, right, I kicked your butt mentally.
LUCAS: That’s right. My “mental bottom.”
EMILY: Right, your “mental bottom.”
LUCAS: For Nathan, this is a nightmare. I can’t really tell you all the things that Mara is capable of, but she is a force.
EMILY: She was a lot of fun to play. Audrey always has been in a very kind of – well, up until the recent seasons — in this kind of melancholy, dire, “life sucks” state, which it did. All the time. So to play someone that was and is on top of things, so to speak, and has sheer joy and delight in how she relates to everyone around her was a real pleasure and really fun. It is always fun when you take these normal relationships and you mix them up. It creates a really fun environment. It was a blast.

Keep reading at The Watchtower

Nice Recap Video from Season 4

Season 5 Premieres Tonight!!!

The time has come... Happy Haven Night!

Season 5 premieres tonight in the US on Syfy at 8/7c.

Please join us on Twitter using the hashtag #Haven5. Let get this to trend every week and I am sure we can get a Season 7.


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Emily Rose: It'll blow your mind hole!

5.01 See No Evil Teaser & Sneak Peek!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Haven Origins...

Journey back to the Troubles beginning... Haven Origins coming September 12.

Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant discuss Season 5

The season four finale of Syfy's hit television series "Haven" left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions and ended with a major cliffhanger that left Audrey and Lexie all but gone. Audrey now has a more sinister personality named Mara. So how much of Mara will we see this season? And what does her presence signify for the series? 

"Haven" stars Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose answered those questions in a recent interview.
In "Haven," mysterious curses, called "the troubles" affect the local townsfolk. For example, Bryant's character, Nathan, cannot feel anything to the touch. Other characters have similar troubles, such as being bullet magnets or having moods that affect the weather. 

Although Syfy ordered a whopping 26 episodes for the new season of "Haven," none of the actors involved knew what would happen going into the new season. The actors shot episodes in pairs, with smaller storylines stretching across two episodes at a time.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Day 26: Favorite Emily/Lucas Interview

Day 25: Favorite Emily/Lucas Picture

These two!

Day 23: Something You Wished It Would Happen But Didn't

I always wanted Audrey to find out that she had kissed Nathan in another life and that he was James' father by kissing Nathan (as Audrey), as if she remembered every feel, every moment and a little bit more, with that kiss. 
Too late for that I guess.

Days 21 & 22: 30 Days of Nathan and Audrey

Day 21: Favorite Fanfiction Story
I have none :(

Day 22: A Headcanon About Them
I have no idea what that is :)

Day 20: A Song that Describes Them Best

"After All" (Cher & Peter Cetera), "Walking After You" (Foo Fighters), I don't know!

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Season 5 Premiere Moved to 8/7c!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT HAVENITES! Season 5 premiere has moved from 10/9c to 8/7c! The date is still Thursday, September 11 on Syfy. Spread this faster than the Troubles!

 Source: Haven Facebook Page

Emily Rose describes Audrey-Mara differences

haven-season-5-audrey-mara-emily-rose-syfy.jpg In "Haven" Season 5, audiences can expect to see a lot more of the evil Mara than the hardworking and virtuous Audrey Parker. But what does that mean -- both for the characters and for the costumes worn by actress Emily Rose?

Photos and an interview with Rose provide some answers.

Zap2it: On sight, how can we tell Mara and Audrey apart?
Rose: Audrey has always had a softer girl-next-door look, even though she is a strong leading woman. Very natural make-up. Mara's make-up adds darker/stronger eyes. Audrey's hair is blonde, down and usually softer. Mara's is darker brunette, and usually up in a strong pony tail, adding some height to her face for a more powerful presence.
Are there differences in Mara and Audrey's clothing choices?
Audrey for casual wear is usually soft and "Maine-y." For work, usually business/casual cop attire. Mara starts out as a timeless callback to a western look (at the beginning of the season). She then moves to Audrey's clothes out of necessity, but when she chooses her own clothes they are always much darker, harder and more severe.
Are they completely separate personalities, or does Mara have a little Audrey in her?
They are very separate. We put some blonde streaks in Mara's hair to have a bit of residual Audrey, but personality-wise they are very different in how they deal with people. Mara doesn't have a filter at all -- she will push all buttons and revel publicly in how much she is enjoying pushing those buttons.
What's it like playing the villainous Mara instead of the virtuous Audrey?
Audrey is very virtuous, and fun in her relationship with Nathan, how she enjoys giving him a hard time. Mara however has been very refreshing to play because she has such a big, manipulative personality. She loves messing with everyone and also enjoys the journey.
I'm hoping Audrey will get some reprieve from life's stresses so she can enjoy the ride as well!

If Rose's descriptions aren't enough to explain the differences, check out the two photos at the top of this post: Audrey, with her hair loose, is on the left. Mara and her ponytail are on the right. "Haven" Season 5 premieres Thursday, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy. 

Source: ZapIt

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Lucas & Emily: Big Brains at Work

A Week Away from Season 5 Premiere!

Are you ready? Are you cancelling/postponing all appointments, dates? Thinking about what snack you will prepare for the big night?

You'd better :)

We're just one week away from Season 5 premiere.

Promotional Photos - 5.02 Speak No Evil

Images: Spoiler TV UK

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Emily Rose Reveals Mara's Timeline (Spoilers)

As the Syfy series enters the first leg of season 5, Audrey Parker's (Emily Rose) original personality will have plenty of time to cause mayhem. The first five episodes of the season will pickup in the wake of William's (Colin Ferguson) departure, Mara's appearance, and the untimely death of Jennifer Mason (Emma Lahana).

Titled "See No Evil," "Speak No Evil," "Spotlight," "Much Ado About Mara," and "The Old Switcheroo," Spoiler TV reports that these early episodes will be Mara-centric while also dabbling in the town's latest Troubles.

Unfortunately for Duke (Eric Balfour), Nathan (Lucas Bryant), and Dwight (Adam Copeland), it looks like Mara will stick around well past "The Old Switcheroo." Rose recently made a statement that confirms the baddie will inhabit Audrey's body until at least episode 7.
"[Emily Rose] said while Mara is pretty cool in Ep 1, but by Ep 5, 6, 7 she really hits Mara-form," tweeted Tiffany Vogt of The TV Addict. "Uh oh, that may not be good."

Source: En Starz

Titles for Episodes 5.02 - 5.05

5.02 - "Speak No Evil"
5.03 - "Spotlight"
5.04 - "Much Ado About Mara"
5.05 - "The Old Switcheroo"

Source: Spoiler TV

Season 5 Scoop: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Tease “Pancakes,” Hot Lovin’, and True Love’s Kiss for Mara

But would Audrey be able to forgive Nathan if he made “pancakes” with her alter-identity, Mara?
EMILY: Well, Nathan made “pancakes” with Sarah
Whoa, now, that never happened.

That did happen.

Not “pancakes.”

What then? Waffles? What did they have in the 1950’s?

(Laughs) I’m just gonna shut up.

(Laughs) Yeah, you do that.

I will say that if Nathan were to make “pancakes” with Mara there would be a really good reason.

(Laughs) A really good “reason” — that’s what they all say!

Keep reading at The TV Addict