Saturday, September 13, 2014

5.01 See No Evil Recap (Spoilers)

Welcome back to Haven, Maine, where the winters are cold and the lighthouse is weaker than Stars Hollow’s Old Muddy River Bridge. Haven season 5 starts seconds after the cave collapse at the end of season 4, making the five-month wait since the last season finale frustratingly exhilarating.

Gloria (Jayne Eastwood) and Vicki (Molly Dunsworth) are unaware of the cave debacle and are enjoying a chill Maine morning with baby Aaron in the gazebo. Starting the season off with Gloria is a pleasantly perfect surprise. She was a breakout fan favorite last season, and truly encompasses the Haven mentality. The town of Haven is really the main character of the series, and no one can introduce the feel of community and quirkiness to Haven newbies better than Gloria.

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