Sunday, September 14, 2014

Exclusive interview with Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland

I was recently in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a fundraiser weekend and some sightseeing with the family…I had the fortune on the way home to make a short stop in nearby Chester – the seaside town which plays host to the production of Syfy’s Haven, standing in for the fictional Maine town.

Haven is in the midst of an interesting period of production. They recently received a “double order” for episodes for the fifth season, a total of 26 episodes. So while they’d normally be getting ready to wrap up production for the season, they are actually just a bit past the first half of a filming schedule that will take them through most of December, block shooting two episodes at a time. 

Because of the timing, we were unable to take any photographs of the sets – never know when you might accidentally photograph a spoiler! We did get one picture of the family with a couple people you might recognize…

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