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Emily Rose describes Audrey-Mara differences

haven-season-5-audrey-mara-emily-rose-syfy.jpg In "Haven" Season 5, audiences can expect to see a lot more of the evil Mara than the hardworking and virtuous Audrey Parker. But what does that mean -- both for the characters and for the costumes worn by actress Emily Rose?

Photos and an interview with Rose provide some answers.

Zap2it: On sight, how can we tell Mara and Audrey apart?
Rose: Audrey has always had a softer girl-next-door look, even though she is a strong leading woman. Very natural make-up. Mara's make-up adds darker/stronger eyes. Audrey's hair is blonde, down and usually softer. Mara's is darker brunette, and usually up in a strong pony tail, adding some height to her face for a more powerful presence.
Are there differences in Mara and Audrey's clothing choices?
Audrey for casual wear is usually soft and "Maine-y." For work, usually business/casual cop attire. Mara starts out as a timeless callback to a western look (at the beginning of the season). She then moves to Audrey's clothes out of necessity, but when she chooses her own clothes they are always much darker, harder and more severe.
Are they completely separate personalities, or does Mara have a little Audrey in her?
They are very separate. We put some blonde streaks in Mara's hair to have a bit of residual Audrey, but personality-wise they are very different in how they deal with people. Mara doesn't have a filter at all -- she will push all buttons and revel publicly in how much she is enjoying pushing those buttons.
What's it like playing the villainous Mara instead of the virtuous Audrey?
Audrey is very virtuous, and fun in her relationship with Nathan, how she enjoys giving him a hard time. Mara however has been very refreshing to play because she has such a big, manipulative personality. She loves messing with everyone and also enjoys the journey.
I'm hoping Audrey will get some reprieve from life's stresses so she can enjoy the ride as well!

If Rose's descriptions aren't enough to explain the differences, check out the two photos at the top of this post: Audrey, with her hair loose, is on the left. Mara and her ponytail are on the right. "Haven" Season 5 premieres Thursday, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy. 

Source: ZapIt

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