Thursday, September 11, 2014

Interview w/ Emily & Lucas + Lucas Getting Ready for Directorial Debut

What has it been like working with the new relationship between Mara and Nathan?
LUCAS: First of all, Emily Rose, who is sitting next to me is incredible this season, as always, but exceptionally so in the role of Mara. It is a total treat to watch her get to play with her, except for the fact that she kicks my ass all over town. So that’s a new development.
EMILY: (Laughs) That’s a new development! I didn’t ever do that as Audrey? I think I did that as Audrey too.
LUCAS: (Laughs) In less physical ways.
EMILY: Oh, right, I kicked your butt mentally.
LUCAS: That’s right. My “mental bottom.”
EMILY: Right, your “mental bottom.”
LUCAS: For Nathan, this is a nightmare. I can’t really tell you all the things that Mara is capable of, but she is a force.
EMILY: She was a lot of fun to play. Audrey always has been in a very kind of – well, up until the recent seasons — in this kind of melancholy, dire, “life sucks” state, which it did. All the time. So to play someone that was and is on top of things, so to speak, and has sheer joy and delight in how she relates to everyone around her was a real pleasure and really fun. It is always fun when you take these normal relationships and you mix them up. It creates a really fun environment. It was a blast.

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