Haven Lists & Statistics

This page was created and based on another page of lists from my favorite show of all time, The X-files. Some lists are similar, some were born from Haven itself.

Death (or disappearance) of recurring characters:
  • As you were - Eleanor (killed by the shapeshifter).
  • Spiral - Chief Wuornos (died from his trouble). 
  • A tale of two Audreys – Agent Howard (just disappeared… whatever happened to him?).  
  • Fear and Loathing – Julia (moved to Africa, couldn’t stand the troubles).  
  • Lockdown – Evidence Ryan (killed by a sniper outside police station). 
  • Who, what, where, wendigo – Reverend Driscoll (killed by Audrey). 
  • Magic Hour Part 1 - Nathan (but he is brought back to life by a troubled person).
  • Magic Hour Part 2 - Tommy (as the Bolt Gun killer). 
  • Reunion - Claire Callahan (killed by the Bolt Gun killer).
  • Thanks for the Memories - Agent Howard (shot to death by Nathan).
  • Thanks for the Memories - Arla Cogan (she was "sucked" by the barn).
  • Thanks for the Memories - James Cogan (disappeared inside the barn).

Somebody kisses somebody:
  • Ain’t no sunshine – Jess and Nathan kiss (and their night is interrupted by Audrey).
  • As you were – Nathan kisses Audrey (or the shapeshifter, depending on the fan).
  • Sparks and Recreation – Evi and Duke make out at the Grey Gull.
  • Roots – Chris Brody kisses Audrey (and spend the night together).
  • Audrey Parker’s day off – More kisses from Chris and Audrey.
  • Lockdown – Another kiss from Chris and Audrey (will you two give it a rest?).
  • Business as usual – Audrey and Nathan kiss (finally).
  • Double Jeopardy - Nathan and Jordan kiss.
  • Real Estate - Nathan and Jordan kiss, once again.
  • Magic Hour Part 1 - Duke and Audrey kiss (but Audrey regrets it).

  Somebody is shot or beaten up:
  • Welcome to Haven – Nathan (shot by Marion Caldwell and knocked down by Audrey).
  • Harmony – Nathan (beaten by Duke when cuffed by Audrey to stop him from hurting himself).
  • Sketchy – Nathan (when Audrey touches his drawing).
  • As you were – Nathan is knocked unconscious by Duke (will you let it go already?).
  • The trial of Audrey Parker – Duke (beaten up by the abductors).
  • Love machine – Nathan (has nails on his back).
  • Friend or faux – Nathan (seriously again? he’s hit in the head by Cornell Stamoran).
  • Lockdown – Duke and Nathan beat each other.
  • Sins of the fathers – Audrey (shot with a taser gun and abducted).
     Note: I believe everybody takes advantage of Nathan’s condition to beat him up.

Somebody dances:
  • The trial of Audrey Parker – Duke (to distract his abductors plus he dances almost naked!).
  • Lockdown – Nathan (after being fired as a Chief of Police, to the amusement of Audrey and Duke, plus he’s very drunk).

Somebody cries:
  • As you were – Nathan, when she finds Audrey.
  • Spiral – Nathan, at the beach, after the Chief dies.
  • Spiral – Audrey, when meeting Nathan after he shut her out.
  • Love Machine – Audrey, when she explains Fraudrey who she is.
  • Audrey Parker’s day off – Audrey, every time someone dies.

Nathan and Audrey special moments:
Here are Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 moments from Nathan and Audrey (or Naudrey).

Nathan can’t feel a thing (well, except Audrey’s touch):
  • Sketchy: Nathan cuts his hand with a knife to prove something.
  • Ain’t no sunshine – Jess kisses him; he doesn’t feel it.
  • The hand you’re dealt – Nathan’s gun is on fire; Audrey tells him to drop it.
  • The hand you’re dealt – Nathan keeps stabbing a plastic fork on his hand.
  • Roots – Nathan is about to be electrocuted by Chris’ inductor.
  • Welcome to Haven – Audrey closes the car’s door on Nathan’s fingers.
  • Audrey Parker’s day off – He asks Audrey to try the coffee and see if it’s not too hot (“I’ll give it a minute or two”).

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