Nathan & Audrey Moments S3

Episode 3.01 - 301 
  • After Audrey is rescued by Duke, Audrey runs to Nathan’s side the minute she sees him and they embrace.
  • Nathan apologizes Audrey for whatever she went through while she was kidnapped.
  • Nathan covers Audrey with a jacket and tells her that someone should be taking care of her.
  • Nathan hands Audrey her badge.
  • Audrey tells Nathan what her kidnapper revealed to her except that Lucy may have been in love with the Colorado kid.
  • After arguing with the Teagues, Nathan takes Audrey home.

 Episode 3.02 - Stay
  • Audrey and Nathan get together to take Cookie out for a walk.

Episode 3.03 - The Farmer
  • Nathan is planning a night out with Audrey, theater and all.
  • When Audrey asks Nathan if there have ever been cops from other towns investigating the troubles, he replies “sometimes we keep them”, referring to her staying in Haven.

Episode 3.04 - Over My Head
  • Audrey asks Nathan to be careful when meeting the Guard’s contact; she apologizes after touching his arm.

Episode 3.05 - Double Jeopardy
  • Nathan reassures Audrey the Bolt Gun killer won’t come after her. He’ll do whatever it takes.


  1. Just loved every moment of them together :)

  2. Oh, me too!!! I'll update this page next weekend. And I hope they end up together!

  3. love the series and the couple....