Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And the Inside of The Barn was Shot...

the inside of The Barn was a real Canadian military building that we painted white. Beautifully shot by .

Fun Interview with Emily Rose on Up at Noon

Emily Rose discusses her baby, Uncharted (and movie) and Haven in Up at Noon, watch!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eric Balfour: Very Close

ERIC BALFOUR: Very close...“@EdgeRatedR: Very close to insertion. "@ERICBALFOUR: What's funny about this? ;)

Happy Haven Night, UK!

Good morning!

Season 3 Finale airs tonight, episode 13 "Thanks for the Memories" at 9pm on Syfy.

Please don't miss it. I promise you it will be epic.

Stay tuned and keep in touch!

Thanks for a great season.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Haven Night, Latin America!

¡Hola Amigos!
La tercera temporada de Haven llega a su fin esta noche, el episode 13 "Thanks for the Memories" se transmite esta noche en Syfy Latinoamérica, a las 11pm México, 10pm Argentina.

Gracias por una gran temporada. El programa ha sido renovado para una cuarta temporada que saldrá al aire este otoño.

No se pierdan este episodio. Es espectacularmente dramático.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Emily Rose at IGN Studios

The beautiful, talented, and charming stopped by studios today for . Here's our self shot! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laura Vandervoort in Make Up

Me and after her makeup by us on . She was really patient and really awesome to work with. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Haven Night, UK!

Good morning!

An all new episode airs tonight for all our fans in the UK; episode 12 "Reunion" airs on Syfy UK at 9pm.

Next to last episode, you don't want to miss it.

Here's the synopsis:
"A string of murders at the Haven high-school reunion brings Nathan and Duke back to their alma mater to help Audrey search for the killer."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Who Plays James Cogan?


Steve Lund, a proud native of Halifax Nova Scotia, is a young actor who wants to continue on this wonderful path that started in Yukon.

After injuries forced him to halt his once promising hockey career, Steve took it as a blessing and seized the opportunity to pursue his first love; acting. Steve attended the Vancouver Film School Acting program where he worked diligently to prepare himself for, what he hopes will be, a long career.

Taking a big gamble on a first-time actor, the team in Yukon gave Steve the chance to realize his lifelong dream of being in front of the camera. "As a first job, it doesn't get much better than this," Steve said about working on Yukonic. While Steve understands the challenges associated with this profession, his experience in Yukon has encouraged him to stop at nothing to reach his goals. "It's a long road, but I'm on it."

Source: Yukonic

Happy Haven Night, Latinoamérica!

¡Hola Amigos!

Esta noche tenemos episodio de estreno en Syfy Latinoamérica, "Reunion" se transmitirá a las 11pm México, 10pm Argentina.

Es el penúltimo episodio de la temporada. No se lo pierdan.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Haven Review: TV Equals

The long awaited final two episodes of Haven’s third season finally aired this week on Syfy. In a night of back to back Haven, we got both “Reunion” and “Thanks for the Memories.”

“Reunion” felt like your standard Trouble-of-the-week episode with some development in the season long story arc sprinkled in. I found the high school reunion setting to be fun, especially considering that Nathan and Duke had a high school history while Audrey’s high school life was – and remains – a mystery. While the deaths in Haven were no laughing matter, I got a good laugh out of seeing Duke as a young high school kid, and I enjoyed getting a better idea of what the guys were like before all the mess in Haven.

The juiciest material in “Reunion” really came from the plot surrounding Skinwalker Arla’s story line which naturally continued through to the finale. During Vince and Dave’s interrogation, she revealed that there was another way to stop the Troubles without Audrey having to go into the barn. She seemed to know more about the whole process than anyone in Haven did and I was eager to know more.

Keep reading at TV Equals

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stars Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland Tease HAVEN’s 3rd Season Finale

With the clock ticking down on the fate of Audrey Parker, the final two episodes of HAVEN hold all the answers.   But not wanting to spoil all the fun, in a recent press call stars Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland talked about some of the fun they had this season and provided a few clues on what is next for our favorite HAVEN heroes.

What’s it been like to learn the significance of the barn in relation to the challenge of understanding the timeline of Audrey, Lucy and Sarah?
EMILY:  It’s been really fascinating because this barn has grown some prominence as the season has gone along. I think that’s probably the exciting thing about the last episode: how close we get to unearthing this mythical sort of building and what is. I still don’t even quite understand everything that it is. But it’s been really neat. It’s one of those things you sort of dance around for a long time in each of the seasons and then you finally go, ‘Oh, this is cool. We’re actually going to go there. This is really interesting.’  So it’s been really fun for me. And it’s been fun that it feels in way like a portal in some manners of the word; kind of like the mystery of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” growing up. It’s like this really interesting thing. And I’ll be really fascinated to find out more about it hopefully as the seasons go on.

Keep reading at the TV Addict

Friday, January 18, 2013

Episodios 3.09 - 3.11 esta noche en Syfy Latinoamérica

¡Amigos de Latinoamérica!

Syfy está transmitiendo ahora mismo el episodio 3.08 "Magic Hour Part 2" y transmitirá los episodios 9, 10 y 11 de manera consecutiva al terminar.

No se los pierdan y prepárense para el final de temporada.

Ratings: Reunion & Thanks for the Memories

Ratings for Episode 3.12 Reunion:
Adult 18-49: 0.4
Viewers: 1.310 million

Ratings for Episode 3.13 Thanks for the Memories:
Adult 18-49: 0.4
Viewers: 1.360 million

It was steady versus last original episode. The season finale was up in viewers versus last season's.

This means that everybody who watched episode 3.12 didn't change the channel when the season finale aired!
It also means good news to Syfy, because Thursday is a very busy night for the big networks, so that the show can keep the 0.4 versus the last episode which aired on a Friday which is considered a very slow night, tells the network the show is strong.

And all this despite these episodes being leaked on line a few weeks ago.

So, to all the Haven fans who watched live and watched again, thanks for their loyalty. You rock!

Source: TV by the Numbers

HAVEN Have to Have It Finale Night Contest - Canada

From Sea and Be Scene: get everybody in a great frame of mind before the "mind blowing" conclusion to Season 3 - we're doling out some FREE stuff. order to WIN you'll need to pay close attention to Ep. 313... something very specific to that episode will give you the answer to our contest question.

So YES you need to watch the show to WIN... and NO we will not be giving a hint or a clue here on the site like we usually do.


Up for grabs the official HAVEN poster signed by stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour.

The question will be posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 sometime prior to the episode's airing at 9 ET 10 AT 10:30 NT - so check back in or follow us on twitter @seaandbescene and like our Facebook page to watch for when the question goes live.

We'll give you all contest particulars then too.

Happy Haven Night, Canada! Season 3 Finale

Hello Canada!

Don't miss the last two episodes the third season of Haven tonight, they will air back to back starting at 8pm ET on Showcase.

Thanks to all of you for following us and we hope that you stick around until the Season 4 premiere.

And come back and tell us what you thought of both episodes.

Have a great weekend!

Haven Reviews: TV Fanatic

WARNING:  This reviews may contain spoilers.

Episode 12 Reunion:
I'm really not quite sure what I hoped for from "Reunion," but I know it didn't deliver at the level I expect from Haven. For the first time, I was a bit underwhelmed at the reveal leading up to the season finale. That doesn't mean I don't think they can pull off something spectacular, but I wanted more.
It's also interesting that after all the debate that went into pulling this episode in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, it was probably one of the least gun violent episodes we've seen. Shooting was only one of the many ways in which Arla chose to go after her victims, and Robbie only went down in Arla's attempt to save Audrey.

Keep reading at TV Fanatic

Episode 13 Thanks for the Memories:
It's season finale time, and "Thanks for the Memories" delivered an interesting take on how to keep Audrey attached to Haven, while going into the barn. We learned a lot of fun new bits-n-bobs in the episode, so let's break it down.
As I said in my review of "Reunion," Audrey's apartment has to be the most insecure place in Haven. Nathan and Duke arranged for someone to watch over her during the night, but given as it was her last night in Haven, why in the Hell didn't they stay with her themselves so they could have skipped the dramatic discovery of broken deck chairs and a dead guard at her door? 
If it was going to be my last night on earth, I would have wanted to spend it with the man I love. Even though it didn't hit me while watching the former episode, it really hit me after she was gone. She may never have a night with Nathan. That's just unacceptable.

Keep reading at TV Fanatic

Thursday, January 17, 2013

When is Haven Shot? What Time of Year?

Had a fan ask a question in a thread and the answer may be of interest to all Haven fans: When is Haven shot? What time of year?

For past seasons 1, 2 and 3 they shot most of the spring and summer, from around April to August. They shoot the episodes in order, so you may notice in the first few episodes of each season the signs of spring in Nova Scotia... a few bare trees getting their buds and some brown grass...and then as the episodes go along we get into full summer landscape. So when you see an early episode where there's a scene at Duke's place on the deck, you can pretty much know that the temperature was not as warm as maybe the clothing in the scene would suggest. It was likely 8 to 14 degrees celcius. Also, some of the later episodes call for a 'fall' look when it's not yet fall, so the cast and background actors are wearing fall/winter clothes in 20 - 25 degree weather.

How does Emily Rose stay so cool in those blazers and layers of hers? The shirts underneath have the backs cut out of them, so the hoodies she often sports are not what they seem!

Source: Discover Haven - The Filming Location in Nova Scotia

Emily Rose Nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards

Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role:

Saving Hope, “Heartsick” – Erica Durance
Being Erica, “Please, Please Tell Me How” – Erin Karpluk
King, “Lori Gilbert” – Amy Price-Francis
Haven, “Audrey Parker’s Day Off” – Emily Rose
Bomb Girls, “Armistice” – Meg Tilly

Congratulations Emily!

Season 3 Finale Tonight!

Haven fans, the day has come.

Don't miss episode 12 "Reunion" and the season 3 finale "Thanks for the Memories" tonight, starting at 8pm ET on Syfy.

Join the fun on Twitter.

And don't cry because the season is over. Thanks to you, the show will be back in the fall.

I love you Haven fans!

We'll be in touch.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emily Rose Pregnant with Her First Baby

We congratulate Emily Rose, who plays the lovely Audrey Parker in Haven, for her pregnancy announcement.
Apparently she is 6 months pregnant. So she will be a mom before going back to Nova Scotia for Season 4.
Best of luck to her and her husband, and we wish that everything is all right.
Stop by Twitter and express your thoughts to her:
Want to watch the video?

Season 3 Top Moments - Moment #1: Jordan Reveals Her True Intentions

We all were beginning to like Jordan, weren't we? We felt sorry for her trouble and I have to admit that her scenes with Nathan were very good (although I never liked them). But boy, talk about betrayal. Yes, because even when her plan to save Haven was actually pretty good, the only mean to achieve this was to sacrifice Nathan's favorite person: Audrey. What a way to get a good use out of another person's trouble, making Jordan confess everything the Guard was up to. The looks of indifference Nathan gives Jordan are priceless. I guess she knew it all along, she could never compete with Audrey. Nathan confirmed that. And the whole situation made Nathan and Audrey's relationship get back on track.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #2: We Meet Sarah... and So Does Nathan

When a troubled person sends Duke and Nathan back in time to Haven 1955, they meet Sarah Vernon. She is a nurse who had just arrived to Haven to take care of an ex-soldier. Nathan and Sarah immediately click and they share a very intimate afternoon on the beach (as well as several kisses). The big question here is if something else happened between them that could make us wonder if Nathan is the Colorado Kid's father or not. Sarah never told anybody who the father was but he is our best (and I guess only) suspect.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Season 3 Top Moments - Moment #3: Nathan is Killed and Brought Back to Life

I don't think we felt so much anguish when Nathan was shot. It was quite terrible. Though he doesn't feel any pain, you could see it in his eyes when he's falling to the ground. Despite all the hatred, Duke runs to him to try to help him and Audrey's reaction is distressing and painful. Then Audrey's desperation to try to bring him back no matter what put all of us on the edge of our seats, and we hear her say those words we've all been wanting to hear. Well, except Duke I guess (and Jordan), who was standing just there.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #4: Audrey Finds Out the Colorado Kis is Her Son

When Audrey and Duke travel to Colorado, they find June Coogan, James Coogan's (a.k.a. the Colorado Kid's) adoptive mother, living in a nursing home and suffering from Alzheimer. It is revealed that Sarah had a baby in 1956, a year after arriving to Haven. She gave it up to the Coogans, probably to protect him. Talk about plot twists. And the moment she reveals this to Nathan is sweet and shocking.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #5: We Learn the Colorado Kid's Name

When the whole gang gets trapped inside the house of a troubled man while investigating a murder, Audrey has several flashbacks that makes her find out who the Colorado Kid was. His name is James Cogan, a young man who disappeared and then was found murdered in Haven.
So, who do you think he looks like?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #6: Nathan Meets with The Guard

In order to find out more about Audrey's disappearance and try to stop Audrey from leaving, Nathan uses his tattoo to get involved with the Guard, the organization that protects the Troubled. He meets one of their members, Jordan McKee, whose trouble is not inflict terrible pain in anyone she touches.
Later, he even helps them free a prisoner who was been transferred, causing even more tension between him and Audrey.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

7 Days...

until the Season 3 finale.

Cannot wait.

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #7: Duke Kills Someone

This is one of my biggest questions. Is he going to give in? Duke has evolved a lot from the first episodes (best character development) and even his relationship with Nathan has improved (because despite learning about Duke's fate, he's tried to prove Nathan and Audrey that he can avoid it). Yes, he's changed for the better but his fate is clear: he is destined to make the troubles disappear even it means killing people who never asked for their trouble. Duke feels the need and the pressure to kill this man whose trouble was, in my opinion, the creepiest one so far, in order to free the rest of his family from their terrible future. You might think Audrey made him do it, but it was his decision.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #8: Tension Grows Between Nathan and Duke... and Audrey.

Several moments here... After believing that Duke may have something to do with Audrey's abduction and learning about Duke's fate, Nathan rejects Duke whenever he has the chance and avoids sharing information from cases with him.  Also, as Audrey finds out that she may have been in love with the Colorado Kid, she pushes Nathan away in order to protect him from being hurt or killed. This leaves Nathan confused and angry, and also a little jealous when Audrey is spending more time with Duke.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #9: The Bolt Gun Killer Appears

In what I think was a great subplot, Haven gets a serial killer and he may be creepier than all the troubles in town. It is later revealed that he may be building a woman but we don't know for what purpose. He is called "The Bolt Gun Killer" for its MO, and he is a suspect in Audrey's abduction. Later, we find out that he uses other people's skins to change his look making him a "skinwalker", which might be a trouble. And so far, we haven't found out who he is.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #10: The Colorado Kid Might Be Alive

Episode 1 ends with this revelation. The Teagues tell Audrey that they helped bury the Colorado Kid.
But the coffin is empty... and it also has a warning "find him before the Hunter". A warning left by Lucy herself. When exactly did she write this? After they buried him, or did she go back after he was buried, find out he was gone and then it's when she wrote it?
So, is the Colorado Kid still alive? Was his death all those years ago staged?

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Top 10 Moments - Season 3

To make the waiting of the Season 3 finale more bearable, I will be posting one important moment of this season per day starting on Monday.
I already have the 10 moments, what I consider the most shocking, revealing, true moments of this season. However, ideas, thoughts and comments are welcomed and please post them here.
Are you excited as I am for the last 2 episodes?