Saturday, January 12, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #5: We Learn the Colorado Kid's Name

When the whole gang gets trapped inside the house of a troubled man while investigating a murder, Audrey has several flashbacks that makes her find out who the Colorado Kid was. His name is James Cogan, a young man who disappeared and then was found murdered in Haven.
So, who do you think he looks like?


  1. I honestly thought it was Nathan on the second picture with the woman. I don't want anybody to believe anything yet, but I think the resemblance is remarkable.

  2. No doubt in my mind after episode 'Sarah', Nathan is the father of James Cogan. The looked on Nathan's face when Audrey told him that CK was her son. Furthermore, on 'Sarah', something obviously did happen between Sarah and him on the beach. Sarah's behaviour after they met again after 'The beach' indicated as much that they got really 'intimate' in a way. There were lots of kissing between then too LOL the best episode ever for shipper like me hehe

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