Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #9: The Bolt Gun Killer Appears

In what I think was a great subplot, Haven gets a serial killer and he may be creepier than all the troubles in town. It is later revealed that he may be building a woman but we don't know for what purpose. He is called "The Bolt Gun Killer" for its MO, and he is a suspect in Audrey's abduction. Later, we find out that he uses other people's skins to change his look making him a "skinwalker", which might be a trouble. And so far, we haven't found out who he is.


  1. By the end of episode 'The Last Goodbye', we know that Claire is dead. I always suspected she is going to be his next victim due to her close relationship with Audrey. It is really sad to say goodbye to Claire. I like her and I'm going to miss her :(

  2. Yeah, it was sad to see her... well, go. I liked her character. I'm excited though to see who the guest stars for next season will be :)