Monday, January 07, 2013

Season 3 Top 10 Moments - Moment #10: The Colorado Kid Might Be Alive

Episode 1 ends with this revelation. The Teagues tell Audrey that they helped bury the Colorado Kid.
But the coffin is empty... and it also has a warning "find him before the Hunter". A warning left by Lucy herself. When exactly did she write this? After they buried him, or did she go back after he was buried, find out he was gone and then it's when she wrote it?
So, is the Colorado Kid still alive? Was his death all those years ago staged?


  1. I think Lucy wrote that as a message to her future self (which is now Audrey) to go and learn as much as she can about the Colorado Kid. She must have known that when she comes back after 27 years, she won't be Lucy anymore. Then again, why was Lucy trying to get her future self to know about him?

  2. maybe "him" is not the CK... I mean after we all will watch the season finale we all have to talk about that message in the grave.

    Something doesn't add up...

  3. Sandy, you just gave me one reason to not sleep tonight!!! :D But I see where you're going...
    Aiza, maybe you are right, but I keep thinking that Arla Cogan might have something to do with the whole thing...
    I wish I had a forum. To create topics. But we have to discuss the finale... in 10 days ;)