Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emily Rose Pregnant with Her First Baby

We congratulate Emily Rose, who plays the lovely Audrey Parker in Haven, for her pregnancy announcement.
Apparently she is 6 months pregnant. So she will be a mom before going back to Nova Scotia for Season 4.
Best of luck to her and her husband, and we wish that everything is all right.
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  1. Based on wikipedia, Emily is going to give birth to a baby boy sometimes in April. Surely, the production of Haven season 4 is going to be delayed. Not sure how the story going to be though as I don't think she is able to run around directly after giving birth. Remember season 2 of The X-Files, when Gilian Anderson gave birth to her daughter. She was kidnapped by the aliens for months, I think. Anyway, yay! a baby! Congratulations to Emily and husband:D

    1. oooh that's why she was abducted. I always thought that story line was kinda weird (but I loved it anyways COME ON it's The X-Files!!)
      It's the same for Leverage. Sometimes they also just assumed the character is really pregnant (like on Bones and The Office...) but in Haven that would not work YET. Not after season 3 finale... maybe during season 4 *looks up at the sky with hope*

  2. Yeah, I remember Gillian being in a bed in "One Breath" after giving birth.
    So it's a boy! That's awesome! Still, I think the show will air on the same dates. I think they've always started shooting in April but for some reason the premiere of Season 3 got pushed to September.
    I hope so :)

  3. After Haven's season 3 finale, I'm going for The X-Files marathon soon. I can't believe I missed it so much. Now Haven is my no 1 favorite TV series. Sadly though, Fringe is also coming to an end this Friday. However, I still have Haven season 4 and Continuum season 2 to look forward too this year :)

  4. amen to haven and continuum. Don't forget revolution and falling skies too!