Thursday, January 17, 2013

When is Haven Shot? What Time of Year?

Had a fan ask a question in a thread and the answer may be of interest to all Haven fans: When is Haven shot? What time of year?

For past seasons 1, 2 and 3 they shot most of the spring and summer, from around April to August. They shoot the episodes in order, so you may notice in the first few episodes of each season the signs of spring in Nova Scotia... a few bare trees getting their buds and some brown grass...and then as the episodes go along we get into full summer landscape. So when you see an early episode where there's a scene at Duke's place on the deck, you can pretty much know that the temperature was not as warm as maybe the clothing in the scene would suggest. It was likely 8 to 14 degrees celcius. Also, some of the later episodes call for a 'fall' look when it's not yet fall, so the cast and background actors are wearing fall/winter clothes in 20 - 25 degree weather.

How does Emily Rose stay so cool in those blazers and layers of hers? The shirts underneath have the backs cut out of them, so the hoodies she often sports are not what they seem!

Source: Discover Haven - The Filming Location in Nova Scotia

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