Monday, January 21, 2013

Who Plays James Cogan?


Steve Lund, a proud native of Halifax Nova Scotia, is a young actor who wants to continue on this wonderful path that started in Yukon.

After injuries forced him to halt his once promising hockey career, Steve took it as a blessing and seized the opportunity to pursue his first love; acting. Steve attended the Vancouver Film School Acting program where he worked diligently to prepare himself for, what he hopes will be, a long career.

Taking a big gamble on a first-time actor, the team in Yukon gave Steve the chance to realize his lifelong dream of being in front of the camera. "As a first job, it doesn't get much better than this," Steve said about working on Yukonic. While Steve understands the challenges associated with this profession, his experience in Yukon has encouraged him to stop at nothing to reach his goals. "It's a long road, but I'm on it."

Source: Yukonic


  1. Wow, he's so good looking. Haven creators/producers really know how to employs good looking 'eye candy' actors lol

    1. I know!!! He is SO good looking! Just like his father I guess :P