Sunday, January 20, 2013

Haven Review: TV Equals

The long awaited final two episodes of Haven’s third season finally aired this week on Syfy. In a night of back to back Haven, we got both “Reunion” and “Thanks for the Memories.”

“Reunion” felt like your standard Trouble-of-the-week episode with some development in the season long story arc sprinkled in. I found the high school reunion setting to be fun, especially considering that Nathan and Duke had a high school history while Audrey’s high school life was – and remains – a mystery. While the deaths in Haven were no laughing matter, I got a good laugh out of seeing Duke as a young high school kid, and I enjoyed getting a better idea of what the guys were like before all the mess in Haven.

The juiciest material in “Reunion” really came from the plot surrounding Skinwalker Arla’s story line which naturally continued through to the finale. During Vince and Dave’s interrogation, she revealed that there was another way to stop the Troubles without Audrey having to go into the barn. She seemed to know more about the whole process than anyone in Haven did and I was eager to know more.

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