What Happened in Season 4

WARNING! Spoilers ahead...


Episode 1 - Fallout
Original Air Date:
September 13, 2013.
Case: Bad weather, storms, tornadoes and lighting are attacking Haven... again.
Trouble of the Week: Marion Caldwell, Audrey's first case in Haven, is affecting the town again.
What We Learned:

  • The troubles didn't go away despite Audrey going in the barn.
  • Duke appears in Boston 6 months after disappearing in the barn. He thinks one day has gone by.
  • Duke meets Jennifer, who is Troubled and comes to Duke and knows him Audrey and Nathan from "the voices in her head". 
  • Duke contacts Dave and demands to talk to Nathan, but he tells him Nathan has changed.
  • Duke and Jennifer find Nathan, who has been running away from the Guard and letting men hit him for money.
  • Nathan and Duke think Audrey is alive, so they go back to Haven.
  • The reunion between Nathan and Duke is very emotional.
  • Dwight is the new Chief of Police.
  • Audrey comes back as Lexie and is working as a bartender.
  • Jordan McKee and the Guard want Nathan to pay for not ending the troubles, but Dave reminds her that Nathan is the only reason she is alive, when he told the doctor who operated on her about her condition when she was shot 6 months ago.
  • Jennifer says that she heard Howard tell Audrey that the other way to end the Troubles is by killing the person she loves the most. That is Nathan.
  • Nathan tells the Guard that he will find Audrey and convince her to kill him, so the troubles can end.
  • Marion Caldwell, Audrey's first trouble, is back and Nathan helps her deal with her trouble. 
  • Dwight asks Nathan to join the police again; he cannot take it anymore after 6 months. 
  • Nathan accepts the badge back only until he finds Audrey. 
  • We meet Wade Crocker, Duke's older brother who is running the Grey Gull now.
  • We meet William, who tells Lexie that she's somebody completely different and unless she knows who she is, a lot of people will die.
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Episode 2 - Survivors
Original Air Date:
September 20, 2013.
Burned bodies appear in different places of Haven.
Trouble of the Week:
Fireman Don Keaton’s sense of guilt turns people who thank him for his brave work into burned bodies.
What We Learned:

  • Dwight reminds Nathan that part of the deal with the Guard of letting him back to Haven is to end the Troubles.
  • William insists on telling Lexie all the truth about herself.
  • Wade tells Duke that Vince and Dave tried to buy the Grey Gull.
  • Vince tells Duke that the Guard doesn’t want another Crocker in town and demands him to have Wade leave Haven.
  • Dave tells Jennifer all about the Troubles.
  • Lexie got to the “place” she is right now by dumping her boyfriend and stealing his wallet.
  • William reminds Lexie that she has been in love before, tells her that ache in her heart in for someone she hasn’t met in this lifetime and it happened in Maine.
  • Duke tells Jennifer the story about how he and his brother helped a troubled kid a long time ago in a sledding accident.
  • Jennifer escapes death when the troubled person burns everybody at the coffee shop she had just left.
  • Wade finds out his wife is cheating on him.
  • Duke becomes very protective of Jennifer when Nathan, after interrogating her all night about the barn, wants her to identify the troubled person.
  • Jordan wants Vince to stop Nathan from playing hero. She wants Vince to lead the Guard.
  • Nathan helps Don Keaton comes to term with his trouble.
  • Jordan reminds Nathan that all he ever did, getting involved with her, and is doing now was/is for Audrey.
  • But Duke disagrees. He knows Nathan has been helping troubled people long before Audrey came to Haven.
  • Nathan tells Jennifer about his trouble and she realizes the boy the Crockers helped all those years ago was him.
  • Nathan wonders why Audrey hasn’t come back and Duke thinks she might have a different personality now.
  • William puts Lexie/Audrey to the test by getting himself in danger and having her assemble a gun in 30 seconds, remembering that way her previous personality.
  • Jennifer decides to stop taking her schizophrenia medication because she’s realized how important Audrey is for the town.
  • A drunk Wade confesses his jealousy towards Duke, as their father always preferred him.
  • William tells Audrey that is he reveals who she really is, there is no going back. 
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