Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Season 5 Spoilers: Pics Revealed From Episode 14, 'New World Order'

Some new "Haven" photos give fans a first glimpse of the next episode of season 5, titled "New World Order." Members of the cast who appear in the pics include Nathan, Dr. Cross, Audrey, Duke, Dwight and WWE Superstar Christian in the role of McHugh. Check them out HERE.

Series showrunner Matt McGuinness revealed that Troubles brought on by Duke will kickstart the final episodes of the SyFy series.

"The town is a war-zone, with Troubles shutting off entire neighborhoods," McGuinness told TVLine. "Fortunately, Audrey and Nathan are locked down together, which is nice for them. Even in this maelstrom, they work seamlessly to protect the town they love. But as the season progresses, they must take some dangerous solo missions — especially hard as they seem to have grown closer than ever...."

Although the remaining episodes in season 5 are the last for the series, showrunner Gabrielle Stanton told The Wrap that the fans will be given some real closure.

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