Thursday, November 06, 2014

Spoilers: Town Of Haven Under Quarantine?

WARNING: This post contains spoilers

The town of Haven, Maine, is a refuge for people with supernatural powers.
In the last episode "Exposure," which aired on Halloween, Duke and Audrey are left to strategize about how to get Nathan back from another dimension and Duke reluctantly makes the decision to call the Darkside Seekers, Haven's resident ghost hunters.

Duke is forced to ask Mara for help. He reveals the challenges he's faced with his mother in order to get Mara to assist. She does, allowing them in figure out how the Trouble works.

In the next episode, titled "Morbidity," Audrey and other dozens of other residents of Haven are overcome by a mysterious illness, and the symptoms threaten to expose truth about the Troubles to the outside world as well as a dangerous newcomer.
The town of Haven might be placed under quarantine, causing some residents to fear being "locked up in cages like lab rats."

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