Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5.10 Mortality Recap

With just two more episodes until the midseason finale, Haven is securely in plot-setup land. As has been the case in every season of Haven, it’s a struggle to get through these last few episodes before the eventual finale payoff.

“Mortality” lacked the quirk and charm of Haven, instead drilling information into our faces that will inevitably solve all of the troubles in the next three weeks. But fans of Haven know that whatever is in store for us at the end of this season will make tedious episodes like “Mortality” worth it, so we carry on.

The town is terrified of the trouble-targeting contagion and is still firmly in quarantine. Rebecca and Stan are fiercely guarding the only exit out of town. Well, Rebecca is guarding it fiercely; Stan is taking bribes. Audrey tries to get out of Haven, but she is stopped. Luckily, Nathan pulls up and is able to talk Audrey’s way through the barricade. That man could talk his way out of anything. It’s the way he walks. Nathan Wuornos melts even the coldest hearts.

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