Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spoilers: Mara And Duke Growing Closer?

(Photo : SyFy) Mara and Duke may grow closer in the next episode.
In the last episode, Duke released Mara from imprisonment so that they could team up together and save the town. Also, it was discovered that Dr. Cross is not actually with the Center for Disease Control.

In the next episode, Duke and Mara will be forced to receive help from dangerous allies. They also appear to be growing closer based on promotional photos released. However, Duke is seen in the promo saying, "I knew I couldn't trust you," implying that Mara may possibly betray him. 

The video shows Cross giving Audrey a shot. This is troubling now that we know Dr. Cross isn't who she says she is. She may not even be a real doctor for all we know. When are the people of Haven going to confront her?

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