Sunday, November 30, 2014

5.12 Chemistry Recap

The morning after is never quite what you expect, especially when you are waking up next to Haven‘s resident psychotic evil queen. Mara wants to cuddle up with some pillow talk, but Duke is not in the mood. With his Mara sexcapades out of his system, Duke is ready to hunt for aether. Mara has come a long way in season five. Just a few episodes ago she was chained in Duke’s basement. Now he is giving Mara full range of his cabin while he takes a jaunt around the neighborhood.

While he is trying to track down the elusive black glue, Duke gets a distress call from Mara. He rushes back to the cabin, but Mara is gone and the place is a wreck. Duke catches a break (or so it seems) and finds some DNA from the kidnapper. Gloria manages to identify the DNA as Kirk, the oxygen-sucking man.

Dwight wants to give the rest of the aether to Charlotte for research, but of course it is not in the safe. Nathan assumes that Duke has it, but he quickly figures out that Kirk is the thief. Something fishy is definitely going on with this Kirk guy. There is no way a random minor character is so well connected.

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