Sunday, July 13, 2014

Season 5 Spoilers: Nathan's Past Not 'Irrelevant', Greatest Fear To Be Revealed?


Haven fans may soon know much more about Nathan Wuornos' past.

The former Interim Police Chief is a homegrown Havenite, but there are pieces of his past that still remain a mystery to viewers. Fortunately, writer Brian Millikin recently revealed that the Syfy series is not done digging into Nathan's (Lucas Bryant) past.

"Nathan's past is definitely not irrelevant," Millikin assured anxious viewers on Thursday.

One thing that fans can hopefully look forward to learning in season 5 is what Nathan's greatest fear is. Back in season 2, Nathan, Audrey (Emily Rose), and Duke (Lucas Bryant) dealt with a troubled girl who manifested as a person's most terrifying fear when they looked at her. While Duke's fear was fairly obvious (a fear of the tattooed man who will kill him), viewers were not privy to what Nathan saw when he locked eyes with the troubled Jackie - only the look of terror on his face.

According to Millikin, the unnamed fear may make an appearance in an upcoming episode.

"I can't tell you what Nathan saw for my own fear that we might still reveal it on the show!" Millikin tweeted on Thursday. "But we do know the answer!"

Source: En Starz

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