Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TV Equals: Countdown Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 6 Countdown (2)

I told you this week’s Haven was going to be good! The show is just zipping along this season and giving us tons of twists and turns. It’s hard to tell what’s around the next corner, which makes things very exciting. 

Not only do we have our old Audrey back, but she’s also a bit spicier because she has retained the experiences of her alter ego, Lexie. Unfortunately, the ruse of Lexie doesn’t last too long thanks to Jordan and Wade. They bug the police station and figure out that Haven’s darling is back to her old self. This sets off a chain reaction that culminates in a showdown between Jordan and the group.

I thought they would drag out the Lexie story a bit longer and let Nathan slowly figure out that she was, in fact, Audrey. I’m not too disappointed by the quick reveal because it’s good to have them reunited. Hopefully, we will see more open affection between the two. After waiting so long for them to finally admit their love, it would be nice to see them together in a more than platonic way. I really like that Audrey is refusing to even consider the idea of killing Nathan to end the troubles. I wouldn’t expect her to go along with such a bad idea, but it’s her confidence that she’ll find another way to end the troubles that gives hope. It would be a boring season if it was just constantly debating whether or not to kill Nathan for the greater good. If there is another way, we’ll have an interesting journey as she tries to find it. I am guessing this will also bring back the people we previously met in the barn.

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