Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thought on Countdown

I don’t know if saying that I’m a little disappointed on several issues about this episode is too tough, but I am so please, don’t blame me. I actually liked most of the episode.

As much as I complained about Jordan being bitchy, bitter and stalking Nathan all the time, I am sad her life had to end like that, because she was just a woman looking for some happiness, pretty much like the rest of the world. Nice performance by Kate Kelton by the way. I’ll miss her.

What’s disappointing me this season is the way the writers’ are handling Nathan’s character. I don’t like it. When you look at the other two main characters, Audrey and Duke, they’re strong, have their background and are constantly evolving. But Nathan? Correct me if I am wrong but it’s like he is living on the shadows of the other two characters. I thought we were going to see a stronger man once the Chief died, taking over his duties and be a boss, but it didn’t happen and now 2 years and 6 episodes later he seems weak and trying to play a martyr by ending the troubles. What will happen now that Audrey will refuse to kill him? I know that Nathan is a calmed, relaxed guy but I really hope that his character evolves soon to see a Nathan with more purposes than loving Audrey and trying to end the troubles. Besides it will be interesting to see more of Lucas Bryant’s acting skills. Come on, man!

Wade… poor SOB. I’m sure that he will have a very bad ending but in the meantime, I just don’t know how much damage he will do and… if he will come in between Nathan and Audrey once he finds out what Audrey can do.

More secrets continue to be revealed for the Teagues. See, this is what I mean when I talk about the evolution and background of a character. What a terrible thing he had to do. I guess he was in love. He should understand Nathan a little bit. I wonder if Dave has a secret too and will the writers please let us know why he feared Sarah Vernon so much or what is it some kind of filler?

Audrey… It took us four long episodes to get her out of the barn and she reveals herself to Nathan in one scene??? The writers gave it away too easily, too fast, too predictable.  I wish they had kept it a secret for another episode and be more original when Nathan found out. He didn’t even kiss her! What’s wrong with you??? This’d better have an explanation in future episodes or I will complain on Twitter.

On the other hand, Duke and Nathan’s friendship is absolutely brilliant. No more pain in the ass from Nathan to Duke, but a request of taking care of Lexie when Nathan is gone. Who would’ve thought. Another example of characters evolving, in this case, together. I wonder what will happen, because Wade will come in between their friendship.

The trouble of the week was very interested but they rushed the whole end to it. What a bummer.

Am I being too demanding? I’d love to read your thoughts.


  1. Well, you can't totally put a blame on Nathan. He can't feel to start with, then he met Audrey first time in Pilot. He liked her but too shy to confess his feeling. He lost both of his dad on same day. However, he was the first to confess that Audrey meant more than just partners. At the time, he's stronger than her right after she killed the Rev. She was a wrecked then. His character was stronger too when he asked her out for pancake dinner. Then she got abducted by TBGK(Arla), afterwards Audrey pushed him away after she found she's leaving during the meteor shower. He basically alone and hurt really bad when Audrey rejected him. When she's sorry for pushing him out of her life, he said he's always there for her. Then without any explanation, she decided to go into the barn. Of course, he looked like he is weak character wise but he's not weak but he's broken. He also thought he lost Duke too. His misguided thought that by Audrey's killing, then the troubles will stop. I don't blame him at all. I think we should give him more credit than that. He's just doing what he thought was right. That's how I saw Nathan.

  2. Yes, you're right. He is broken and I guess he's picking up the pieces, he's gone through a lot in 6 months: the loss of the Chief, getting Audrey and losing her, a son, losing him... too much. I just wish we saw more about Nathan and I hope it happens in episode 7 :) And by more and don't mean him naked ;) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!