Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Help the Show Get a New Season

please don't think for a second that the show is in trouble, all right? But, it's important to do something every week so the Syfy executives consider that Haven deserves a fifth season. And as fans, we can make it happen.

I found this on the Discover Haven blog and I wanted to share it with you. So, here it's what you can do to help the show:

  1. Watch LIVE and help every Friday on Twitter to trend the show not only local but worldwide. Social media activity count (I add that even if you live anywhere in the world and can or are awake at the time of the live broadcast in the US, join us on Twitter and participate).
  2. The official twitter hashtag is #DiscoverHaven so use that every time you tweet about the show. Use #Haven as well if you want. (I add and this is VERY important: if we want to make it trend use only ONE hashtag per tweet, retweets count).
  3. DVR the episodes. The numbers of the DVR records count. Not in the highest but many shows were helped to increase their numbers total.
  4. Download the episodes on iTunes . 
  5. Watch the show on Netflix and Hulu. They both matter and count don’t let  people tell you otherwise. 
  6. Mention the show in each chance you get, make more people watch it. 
  7. Remind people the show is back. Many countries will get the show later but indeed they can help even if they don’t watch it live by helping us on twitter to trend it.(I'll let you know when the international air dates are announced).
  8. Buy the DVD.
  9. Remind people each Friday that the show is back on.
  10. You can even email Syfy or mention on twitter @Syfy and let them know you love the show and you want S5. Every mention, every email counts! If we are many they won't ignore us.
Online activity can help. We all know how the Nielsen system works (the ratings that decide a future of the show - number of viewers don't count as much as the age of the people that watch it). Unless you have a box you can’t really help with the actual numbers. But many shows with bad numbers but high activity online were able to save their shows. CHUCK, FRINGE, HANNIBAL etc with these small steps. 

Nielsen this year inserts the twitter/social media activity . Which means the online activity a show has during the airing of the episode and total can help.

What are you waiting for? And thanks for helping.

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