Monday, September 23, 2013

Thought on Survivors

First of all, I enjoyed all those aerial shots from what I believe is Lunenberg, it's such a beautiful town. If I lived there, I'd go kayaking every time I could.

Poor Nathan, the Guard has been very busy building his reputation and it's pretty bad. And I believe it will only get worse when he finds Audrey, and I really don’t know how the reunion will go but at least he will live. I am not so sure I want to see him help every troubled person in town. Somehow it feels forced. I'd rather see Nathan desperate and miserable trying to find Audrey and have others, like Duke, help the troubled. That responsibility show not fall on one person.

Jordan is selfish and whinny now more than ever. I like her interactions with Dwight, if she weren't that bitchy I'd say they'd make a great couple. But does she have to show up in every crime scene, like making sure Nathan is safe and/or doing his job and demanding results with that attitude? I am glad Duke was (is always) armed and willing to protect Nathan. Jordan is a strong character, an independent woman, so it was kind of odd to have her remember why Nathan got involved with her in the first place. She should be over it by now, but I guess she is a woman who got hurt after all.

I also enjoyed the continuity of Nathan's sledding accident, which we found out about in episode 2 of Season 1. It was nice to hear that Duke helped Nathan that time, without even knowing that in 27 years, they would be fighting the troubles.

Oh, that's why “Vern and Dan” wanted to buy the Grey Gull. These two know their business! Now, Vince has gone from this innocent old man we saw in the first season to this man who knows a lot more than people think of. For me, he's like one of the men from the Syndicate of the X-files. What I don't understand that if he is not troubled, why does he insist on having Nathan find Audrey so the troubles end? Dave on the other hand thinks it's hard on Audrey to go into that barn over and over again. If they are so interested in the troubles, they should've figured out a way to end the cycle, don't you think? Probably, in the end, solving the troubles will come down to Nathan, Audrey and Duke. Also, was Vince in love with Sarah? Or was it Dave? I still remember Dave's biggest fear is Sarah (Season 2 Episode 2).

Funny how Dave is willing to share everything with Jennifer and he couldn't share a thing with Audrey? Maybe it is because now the whole town knows that the meteor storm was because of the barn, and Audrey being the end of the troubles, that are still around.

Oh well, Lexie/Audrey saying "how the hell did I do that?" put a smile to my face. Finally!!! "You still think you're a bartender?" Nice! Looks like the pieces are falling into place. It was starting to be annoying having William tell Lexie, two episodes in a row, wasting precious time in a 13-episode season, that she is not who she thinks she is. I have to disagree with those reviews that say this was taking so long, but I wouldn’t have bought the idea of Lexie believing in William’s first words about who she really is. That would’ve been too easy.

The only thing I will say about Wade is that I don't trust him. Drunk, he now talks about his jealousy of Duke, as their father preferred to have him around more. Maybe preparing him for his fate? On the other hand, I love Duke. He seems so focused now and definitely delivers the best lines. And Duke takes me to:

Jennifer. She is completely delightful, isn’t she? I am really enjoying her scenes with Duke. I wonder how many actresses had to read with Eric Balfour (if they did) to appreciate their chemistry on screen and nail it with casting her. I really don’t know if they will become an item, but I believe Jennifer has a mission in Haven and either she leaves for Boston or dies for a sacrifice. She is now off her meds… does this mean she will start hearing what happened in the barn again?

So, in next week's promo Lexie/Audrey asks if she is dead. I want to believe that the dead girl found is Lexie, not Audrey, because I don't think we will have yet another name stuck in our heads for the rest of the season. You know, like the real Audrey Parker looked completely different.

Would James ever come out of the barn?

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