Monday, September 16, 2013

Den of Geek 4.01 Fallout Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers.

Welcome back to Haven - where the news is made up and the law of physics don’t matter. We do and don’t come back exactly where we left off - with Duke in the barn, right up until he gets spit out like a cherry pit into the Boston aquarium six months later. Whoops - from magical farm structures to near drownings that land him in the hospital. Oh Duke, I love your face, and your mouthiness, and everything except your hair. It’s almost as bad as Sam Winchester’s. Cut it for all our sakes.

I also adore the pixieish woman Jennifer Mason who appears at his bedside. She has a Trouble that gave her the ability to listen in on the crazy conversation that happened with the trio so of course she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. What else do you do with someone who hears voices? Sigh. That said, she’s portrayed wonderfully - plucky and bold enough to flash her boobs at an orderly to bust Duke out of the hospital to get him away from the cops, a la Ten Things I Hate About You, “One of my favorite movies,” showrunner Gabrielle Stanton confessed to me in a recent interview. She and co-showrunner Matt McGuinness love Jennifer even more than I do. Jennifer is an excellent depiction of a person living with mental illness (even if it is in fact a Trouble) showing the functioning side of the condition because medication works on her condition and the symptoms manifest the same way.

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