Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thought on Fallout

WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

HAVEN is back! And I couldn't be happier.

First let me start by saying that the special effects on Haven are pretty amazing and compared to other Syfy shows, they are the best.

Duke finally is back, disoriented after spending a few “minutes” in the barn. He's saved from being put in jail (where he probably belongs for other crimes) by a new character, Jennifer Mason, whose trouble is to hear voices, or maybe it's not very clear yet. I liked her character, I loved her haircut, I liked how easy she was introduced and how easy she got together with the gang, I just hope her fate is not the ultimate sacrifice. So Oprah Winfrey... really Duke?

Nathan and Duke's reunion. At first, I thought Nathan was going to punch Duke, you know, for leaving, for all those years of hatred. But when they hugged, I had this huge smile on my face and it's become my favorite scene of the episode. I saw hope in Nathan's eyes, hope on finding Audrey. It was kind of satisfying to see Nathan feel all miserable. I didn't expect less. Interesting how Nathan has no consequences from his "injuries" when making money while being away. He probably self-regenerates his cells or something ;)

I'm surprise how good Adam Copeland is with every episode. He makes Dwight very believable. I expect to see him at least in every episode this season.

I really need some explanation as to why Vince is so reluctant to show his true intentions. Does he want Audrey alive and in the barn? Does he actually want the troubles to go away? I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another flashback to the 50's.

Let's talk about Emily now. How good does she look after having a baby? I know, it's her genes, but still she looks amazing. If I'm not mistaken, it had just been a month after giving birth that they shot this episode. It must be amazing for her to get to play different characters in one show. Lexie is cool. It's sort of the opposite of Audrey. She smiles more, goes for the guy, wears rings and dies her hair. I'm not really sure what exactly will happen with her character. I guess she will go back to being Audrey after what William told her, or is it that she will be a new tool to end the troubles because she will fall in love with somebody else and therefore Nathan will live? I don't know. Time will tell. Well, sort of.

I have to admit that my heart melted when I heard Nathan say that he hadn't been more sure of anything in his entire life when asked if he was sure he was Audrey's true love. That and every time he mentioned her or something related to her. Awww.

I don't know why we didn't have a new Trouble. Maybe so we didn't all get distracted with whatever was going on? I don't know. But I do know that I was totally freaked out when Marion called Nathan's name. It was nice that after 6 months and all the beating Nathan got, he still remembers Marion and Conrad's names. Or maybe since it is related to Audrey's first day in Haven, he remembers it all.

I guess that from all the troubles in Haven, I like Marion's the best. Why? Because it actually resembles real life. When you're hurt, sick, heartbroken, your life is a chaos, a continuous storm that not only hurts you, but the people around you. When you finally accept your problem, whether it's an illness, a breakup, failure, your soul and mind come to rest, you move on and you see the light.

And in the end, it seems that Marion destroyed Dave and Vince's new truck (looked like a new truck to me). Remember when Nathan asked them to get a new one?

I'm looking forward to see how it is that William knows Audrey. Does he know about the barn? Was he sent by Agent Howard? Or even better, is he the new Agent Howard?

I still have some questions from previous seasons:
Sarah loved James and Audrey loves Nathan but... who did Lucy love? Or did I miss something?
Did Lucy love the Chief?
How the heck did the real Audrey Parker find out about Audrey Parker?

Last, from all the lines of this episode, I stay with:
Dwight: Duke.
Duke: Sasquatch.

What did you all think about the Season premiere?


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  2. I am so happy the show is back!
    But did anyone else catch that the frat guy in the bar was wearing a Kappa Tau shirt from the old ABC Family show Greek? Just me? I'm sure it was an inside joke but I'd love to hear why someday.
    I completely agree Adam Copeland, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.
    Looking forward to your thoughts as we go through the season!

  3. Hi bluebonnetbelle!

    I didn't notice the shirt at first because I'm not a fan of Greek but maybe the writer or the wardrobe person is??? :) You have a great eye!
    Adam is awesome and he turned out to be a great actor. Good casting.
    Thanks for posting!!!