Monday, September 30, 2013

Interview: Eric Balfour Describes Forced Changes as 'Lucky'

'Haven' Season 4 Interview: Eric Balfour Describes Forced Changes as 'Lucky'

Season three came like a 13-episode freight train. It was one of Haven's best seasons to date and it is really exciting to see where they are going to take it from there. The writers have this incredible ability to answer just enough questions to satiate our curiosities about certain things, but those "answers" lead to new questions about other things. I don't feel like the show goes around in circles like some shows that like to have mystery about them do. I do feel that Haven is constantly progressing in a forward motion.

Spoiler Alert!

We left off season three with Audrey (and Duke) jumping into the barn as it disappears and Nathan lying bleeding from a gunshot wound on the grass. What the heck, right? Season 4 picked up six months after the events of the finale of three. For those of who you have the season three DVD's you should have found the 16-page mini graphic novel, After The Storm, inside your DVD case which will act as a bridge between the finale of three and the premiere of four. If you have not already bought you DVD or Blu-ray then you should jump on that. The graphic novel was limited to 100,000 prints, so be sure to get yours now or risk not getting one at all.

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